May 25, 2024


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Best gaming monitor: MSI MPG 271QRXDE QD-OLED test

Best gaming monitor: MSI MPG 271QRXDE QD-OLED test

The MSI MPG 271QRXDE's two HDMI 2.1 ports support VRR Sync technology, ALLM low-latency mode and up to 120Hz, so it's also useful for setting up an Xbox or Playstation on a desktop as well as a PC. If you want to use higher frame rates, you must connect your computer to a DisplayPort. The screen then outputs 360Hz smoothly, even at full resolution. This is great because DisplayPort 1.4 typically limits the speed of non-HDR content at WQHD resolution to around 240Hz. MSI display prevents tearing with Adaptive Sync. Neither Nvidia's GSync nor AMD's Freesync are officially supported.

In addition to the joystick for menu control, you'll also find ports for a USB-C hub on the back. This transmits not only data, but also images and charging current. The monitor is also equipped with a KVM switch, so you can control multiple computers with the same input devices with the touch of a button. There could have been a few more USB ports, but two USB-A ports and one USB-C port are sufficient. An Ethernet port would also have brought bonus points.

In terms of equipment, the only thing we're missing is a set of speakers to be completely happy. Anyone who plays games on an expensive monitor can probably afford a good headset anyway – but sometimes it's nice not to have to shell out a pound of ear candy for every little YouTube video.

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