July 20, 2024


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Bertrand Piccard 1000 has a profitable solution for a greener world

The Swiss explorer and psychiatrist completed his inventory of good environmental practices. Now is the time for a world tour and two funds to support them.

“What was an abstract goal for so long is now a tangible thing.”

Bertrand Pickard

President of the Solar Impulse Foundation

a Instructs It is now In preparation In order to allow an adequate response to everyone’s demands, be it industrial, institutional, local representative or citizen.

Meanwhile, theAll solutions are already available to the public On the Solar Impulse website, named after the plane that enabled Switzerland to make the world’s first solar flight around the world powered by solar energy only, without fuel or polluting emissions.


Small Cocorico, there are more than fifty Belgian inventions, including in particular the technology of decontamination and the recycling of infectious medical waste by means of electricity alone. Mons SME AMB Ecosteryl. But also offer refurbished smartphones along with environmental and biodegradable accessories from Brabant Back2Buzz. Or charge management system (light, air conditioning, etc.) for New Loveanest EnergyBox, Allowing consumption to be reduced by several tens of percent.


Belgian solutions

Of the 1,000 solutions selected, 55 are Belgian.

In terms of key accounts, it’s Solvay, Longtime partner of Bertrand Picard, who R.The top of the bill rusted inside the flat country With no fewer than a dozen distinct solutions to its credit, including AgRho, a seed coating technology that enhances water and nutrient absorption, or SOLVAir, which reduces emissions from incinerators. “Than It gives us a certain vision Vis-à-vis the outside world, and even toward our customers, ”explains Nicholas Coudrey-Morrox, the group’s research and innovation officer among the world’s leaders in chemicals. Also, to discover new actors who could become partners. “

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Also among the sponsors of the foundation are Air France, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Telekom, Engie, LVMH, Michelin and even Nestlé. The Walloon Region and the City of Brussels also supported the initiative.

The path continues

What now? The road does not end there By Bertrand Pickard. On the contrary, because the man will soon restore his pilgrimage crew as soon as sanitary conditions permit Provides These are sustainable nuggets across the world.

At the same time, two investment funds will be created To support the most promising solutions described: on the one hand, a means for The risk capital is 150 million euros Will support young shoots; On the other hand, seconds will be awarded with some € 300 million to support the most mature companies In their process. “We hope to get there by the summer,” says Bertrand Piccard.

“Human beings have behaved like a predator for the past 50 years. We must now learn to live more efficiently.”

After all, even if the health emergency has been in the news lately, theThe climate emergency It still exists. Indeed: “Man has acted as a predator for the past 50 years.” As a result, we must now “learn to live more efficiently, and avoid excess and waste.” In this sense, the plague we are experiencing as a society “should be understood as a lesson in humility and a call to paradigm shift.”


  • The Swiss explorer and psychiatrist spent 4 and a half years defining good environmental practices in companies.
  • Offer 1000 to anyone who wants to use it.
  • A directory will soon be established, as will two investment funds to support it.