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“BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 2 DDR” will be held in JAEPO 2023

“BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 2 DDR” will be held in JAEPO 2023

BPL ZERO DDR will be held at the Konami booth at JAEPO2023!
distributor Konami entertainment delivery date 2023/01/24

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「BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 2- DanceDanceRevolution」始動!
BPL ZERO DDR will be held at the Konami booth at JAEPO2023!

Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. Entries accepted for the “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 2- DanceDanceRevolution (BPLS2 DDR)” protest from Tuesday, January 24th.

At the protest, a document check, an interview check and a practical check will be carried out, and those who have succeeded will be able to participate in the draft meeting scheduled for Saturday, March 25 as professional candidates.

At the draft meeting, 8 team owners selected 3 players from the draft, for a total of 24 players.

The player will become a professional player in “BPLS2 DDR” after signing the contract with the nominated team.

Coinciding with the start of BPL DDR, “BPL ZERO DDR” will be held at Konami’s booth at “JAEPO (Japan Amusement Expo) 2023”.

Based on the rules of “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO” and “BPLS2 DDR” held in 2020, a draft meeting was held separate from the main tournament, three coaches nominated three players, and nine players played a mock match. more.

The meeting draft will be broadcast live on the official BPL channel. In addition to broadcasting, you can also watch the game on site. You can experience the fun of “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 2- DanceDanceRevolution”.

Information about “BPL ZERO DDR” will be updated as needed on JAEPO’s website. See what’s new.

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<جدول BPLS2 DDR>
Entry period: January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) to February 12, 2023 (Sunday)
Meeting draft: Saturday, March 25, 2023

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Meeting draft: Friday, February 10, 2023
This conference: February 11, 2023 (Saturday)

BEMANI PRO LEAGUE is a new kind of “esports x music” entertainment hosted by KONAMI. Professional players belong to the team and aim to win the team championship in the league match.

“BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 2” will be based on three models: “beatmania IIDX”, “SOUND VOLTEX” and “DanceDanceRevolution”.

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