July 20, 2024


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Battlefield 6: The game available in Game Pass at release?

Battlefield 6: The game available in Game Pass at release?

Rumors claim that Battlefield 6 It will be on Game Pass when it comes out and hasn’t stopped growing in recent weeks. While that BF6 will be revealed tomorrowWednesday, June 9, 2021 at 4 pm (France time), Enjoy Xbox giving the game a big nod on Twitter. We remember it in early May, when Battlefield tweeted “Words that rhyme with soon: June. bubbleXbox responded to the tweet with:room (on our hard drive).“He suggests it The game will be released on Game Pass. This hypothesis appears to have been confirmed today by a new Xbox tweet.

The video shared by Xbox makes a very clear reference to the visual universe of the next battlefield that we were already able to perceive when Battlefield 6 trailer leaked or during official communications. Then Will BF6 be an Xbox exclusive? In the words of the president of EA Games, The game must be released on all existing media except for the Nintendo Switch. So we logically came to the conclusion that the Xbox tweets are related to the arrival Battlefield 6 dans le Game Pass for the first day. This is obviously good news for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass, especially since Beta D Battlefield 6 The leaked indicates that the game will be playable in a very short time.

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