May 26, 2022


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Battle Passes and Co. will be donated.  with real money

Battle Passes and Co. will be donated. with real money

From Valentine Sattler
Until April 3, Epic Games will donate all real money winnings from Fortnite to charities currently operating in Ukraine. Since Season 2 of Fortnite begins at the same time, it is likely that an especially large number of Battle Pass accesses will be sold out during this period.

In parallel with the start of the second season of Fortnite Chapter 3, publisher Epic Games launched a charitable program to support humanitarian organizations in alleviating the Ukraine crisis. The company intends to donate all proceeds from Fortnite between today and April 3 to select charities. Perhaps a lot should be combined, because at the beginning of a new season, for example, sales of Battle Pass subscriptions should be especially high.

Real money winnings will be donated

Offer only applies to purchases with real money, so any transaction with already purchased V-Bucks does not result in any donation. Depending on the trading platform, the respective fees are also deducted. It appears that the Microsoft Store also wants to donate its share as part of the campaign, and there will likely be no discounts in the Epic Games Store either.

The money raised will currently go to Direct Relief, the Children’s Fund, the World Food Program and the United Nations Refugee Agency. According to Epic Games, it is possible to add other organizations by the end of the campaign.

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So that aid organizations don’t have to wait so long for their money, Epic Games also wants to make upfront payments. According to the company’s press release, the corresponding winnings should be transferred only a few days after the respective reservation, and not just when the platform’s operators send the money to Epic Games. This greatly shortens the time it takes to donate, as there can be several weeks between purchase and payment to developers, depending on the platform.

source: EpicGames Across the edge