February 22, 2024


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BASF and Envision are developing e-methanol technology

BASF and Envision are developing e-methanol technology

One advantage of methanol as a fuel is that it can be stored at room temperature and pressure. (Image: BASF)

As part of the collaboration, BASF will provide its Synspire catalyst technology, which Envision Energy plans to integrate into the process design as part of its energy management systems. The two companies plan to test the feasibility of the procedure next General at Envision Energy's site in Chifeng, China.

Envision intends to develop a process package to maximize the efficiency of its catalyst technology and the dynamic conversion of green hydrogen and carbon dioxide2 In e-methanol, which is based on wind turbine production times. The company relies on AIoT platforms to optimize the dynamic operation of chemical plants.

What are the advantages of e-methanol?

The letter “E” in front of e-methanol stands for renewable energy and indicates the use of renewable energy to produce methanol. E-methanol has the potential to replace traditional fossil fuels and their derivatives such as gasoline and kerosene and establish itself as an alternative energy source for roads, shipping, air transportation and other industries. Not only can methanol be used without any infrastructure modifications, but it can also be stored at room temperature and ambient pressure due to its chemical stability. This means that methanol has an unlimited shelf life and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the energy system more sustainable.

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