It’s exactly one month from today until we can see the second half of Part Five of House of Money on Netflix. On December 3rd, the series about the world’s biggest heist will come to its stunning and emotional conclusion. The official trailer shows us how intense the end of the popular series about the professor and his team is.

The consequences in the first half of Part V were really tragic and put us in the mood for what might happen next. But be careful! The trailer will spoil you if you wait to watch the fifth and final season of House of Money in December.

You still have four weeks until you can also see the scenes related to the trailer’s teaser. What happens if the professor himself stops in front of the Bank of Spain with a red car? What happens when the Special Task Force finishes the raid? How are Denver, Rio, and the other remaining members of the force?

Bait Al Mal: ​​Part 5 – Issue 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

What do you think of the Big Money House finale trailer? Will the second part of the fifth season give us a decent ending?

What do you think of the new trailer?x

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