January 25, 2022


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Blackout on Disney channels interrupts broadcast of United and Porto matches – 12/30/2021

A blackout in the Disney group building for a few minutes stopped the broadcast of matches between Manchester United x Burnley, for the English championship, and Porto x Benfica, for the Portuguese championship. The narrator, Paolo Andrade, said on his social network that the company had devices to conserve electricity in these cases, but power shortages were inevitable.

Matches were interrupted for about 10 minutes and when he returned he presented the original English Premier League version. Only in the 15 minutes of the second half did the narrator Paolo Andrade reappear with the transmission completely normalized.

The narrator, after returning with the broadcast, explained that the heavy rain that fell on Thursday (30) in the western side of São Paulo, the site of the Disney group building, was the cause of the power outage. Reporter Mariana Spinelli was another commentator on the situation.

After the panic, the situation returned to normal and the two matches continued without major problems. According to the report, the channel’s advisors did not send the official position until the article was published.

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