March 2, 2024


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Baby Blocksberg review of the dice game for kids

Baby Blocksberg review of the dice game for kids

Kniffel Kids with Bibi Blocksberg Logo – Should it be? Schmidt Games says: Yes. In fact, I don’t think much of it when a thousand variations are created for fans of certain children’s characters from a tried and tested game. But one thing convinced me that at least the game is not redundant … but more on that later.

How does Kniffel Kids: Bibi Blocksberg work?

The principle of the game, as the name of the game Kniffel Kids suggests, is the same as the real one gimmick, with some modifications, which allows children in particular who have math problems to play this game and independently calculate the score at the end. Of course, it is also suitable for preschool children and younger schoolchildren.

proven principle

Also as a children’s toy decorated with Bibi Blocksberg from age 5 there is a Kniffelblock and five dice. Points are awarded here too, although these remain in the single digit range (once there is a possibility of getting ten points, otherwise fewer and fewer points) so the total is not that high at the end. This is a reason for me to pick up the game. Especially when working with children who have difficulties with math or who are just learning to calculate.

The dice cup is very loud

Kniffel Kids: Bibi Blocksberg - Box - Photograph by Schmidt Spiel

If someone from the publisher is reading along, I’d like to offer constructive criticism. The dice cup and the noise the cup makes when throwing the dice is really hard to bear. It can be done better!

So if you swap the cup, the result is a very straightforward, low-stimulus game in terms of both the rules and the game material, so the dice game can be wonderfully used in working with kids who need a somewhat low-stimulus gaming atmosphere. There are also adorable little witch decorations. KNOWLEDGE KIDS: Sometimes Baby Bloksberg just has to be.