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At first glance, the difference is small, at second it is huge

At first glance, the difference is small, at second it is huge

We compare the current Scan data on Steam With results from the GameStar community. It has to do with the graphics card in your gaming PC, and there are some big differences.

On the one hand, we look at the prevalence of different GPU series such as Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 3000 or AMD’s Radeon RX 6000. On the other hand, we compare the top 10 used graphics cards in the GameStar community and on Steam.

Steam data comes from the stream Hardware survey for the month of February 2023. We also ran our own poll on this topic in February 2023, with a proud 13,675 answers – thank you again for your live participation! All of our results can be found here:

GameStar vs Steam: It starts out similarly

First, let’s take a look at the distribution of the different GPU series in the GameStar survey. As can be seen in the chart below, Nvidia unsurprisingly dominates with its Geforce graphics cards. Top 4 is only in green, and AMD only trails in 5th in red with the RX 6000 series.

The RTX 3000 series from Nvidia, which was launched at the end of 2020, is clearly at the top. She got more than a quarter of the votes cast. This is great because this GPU series has only been available at very high prices for a long time due to the mining crisis and chip shortage.

Speaking of extremely high prices: It is remarkable that the relatively small and very expensive RTX 4000 series already has a circulation of 14.01 percent in the GameStar community.

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Trailing AMD’s RX 6000 series at 10.95 percent, the distribution next drops dramatically: the GTX 900 series follows in sixth place at just 3.74 percent. Overall, the top 5 GPU series in the GameStar community accounts for a whopping 83.42 percent of the votes cast.

Let’s compare the data to the latest hardware scan on Steam: At first glance, the results are quite similar, although unlike the GS survey, laptop GPUs from different series are also taken into account here.

Nvidia also dominates Steam, the RTX 3000 series is also clearly at the top with over 25 percent and on Steam the GTX 1000 series also follows in second place with around 16 percent. However, upon closer inspection, the tide turns drastically.

GameStar vs. Steam: Big difference in the top 10

If we were to directly compare the ten most popular graphics card models in the two surveys, GameStar and Steam have very different GPUs at the top. But let’s start again with something we have in common:

The top 10 GPU models together make up a large percentage of all graphics cards in both communities. In the case of GameStar, it’s about 44 percent, while Steam is about 39 percent.

By the way, the highest on Steam is 10.42 percent for the answer last respectively Another GPU. However, the next top 10 is only for exactly named graphics cards, so that answer option doesn’t appear here.

Top 10 graphics cards on GameStar and on Steam

The star of the game steam
1. RTX 3080 (6.9%) GTX 1650 (5.9%)
2. RTX 4090 (6.3%) GTX 1060 card (5.11%)
3. RTX 3070 (5.1%) RTX 3060 Laptop GPU (4.6%)
4. RTX 4080 (4.7%) RTX 2060 (4.5%)
5. GTX 1070 card (4.4%) RTX 3060 (4.2%)
6. GTX 1080 (3.8%) GTX 1050 Ti (4.0%)
7. RTX 3080 Ti (3.6%) RTX 3060 Ti (2.8%)
VIII. RTX 2070 Super (3.5%) RTX 3070 (2.8%)
9. RTX 3090 (3.3%) RTX 3050 (2.5%)
10 RTX 3060 Ti (3.2%) GTX 1660 Super (2.4%)

While GameStar’s survey only shows one mid-range (or slower) XX60 series GPU and higher-end XX80 and XX90 series models, the opposite picture appears on Steam.

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There is only one higher XX60 series GPU in the form of the RTX 3070 and three slower XX50 series GPUs. With the GTX 1650, one of those models is now at the top, while the GTX 1060 was previously in first place for what felt like an eternity. In the top ten, there is a day and night difference between a GameStar poll and a Steam poll!

However, this comes as no surprise, since Steam appeals to large numbers of gamers all over the world, while our German site is home to many gamers who are likely to spend above average time on their hobby. .

How do you rate the poll results on and Steam in comparison? Did everything go as you expected? Or was there a surprise somewhere? Also tell us what gaming graphics card is in your PC and if you are currently planning to get a new GPU. We look forward to your comments on this topic!