September 28, 2022


Technology/Tech News – Get all the latest news on Technology, Gadgets with reviews, prices, features, highlights and specificatio The answer to the "iPhone 14/14 Pro" question was found by an interview with Apple (Masaichi Honda) (1/6) The answer to the “iPhone 14/14 Pro” question was found by an interview with Apple (Masaichi Honda) (1/6)

iPhone 14 takes care of the all-round special feature Pro with an ultra-improved camera that revives the Plus!
Chapter 41

Updated at 12:00 on Sep 13, 2022

Text: Masakazu Honda Editing: Eriko Ijima / ASCII

The Apple special event focused on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series is over, but once again, I’d like to organize the contents and summarize the points questioned by the interview at Apple headquarters.

Since there is so much information, I think even those who actually want to buy it may find it difficult to know how to make sense of the information. First, after touching on the common features and improvements in both series, about the unmarked iPhone 14. Next, let’s write down the points to note when evaluating the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 14/14 Pro Common Rating Score

Although difficult to understand from the outside, both products have been re-engineered to facilitate removal and repair of the rear glass. This reduces repair time in the event of a partial failure. In particular, it is much easier to replace the battery due to deterioration by opening the back panel.

Moving on to cameras, the optical engine, which improves image quality in less-than-optimal light environments, is also common on both models. Traditionally, multiple frames of the final photograph have been used for pixel-merging, but the optical engine processes the RAW image read from the sensor, allowing for more precise processing.

In addition, image processing in portrait mode has also been improved, and it is now possible to express the blur in front of the subject in focus by calculation. This process was also done in cinematic mode last year, but it will now work more accurately and will be processed to make still images look more natural.

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For example, when you focus on your eyes and ask them to point at the lens, the image is processed so that the fingertips are blurred in the foreground.

Also, when taking a selfie with the camera, when there are several people in the frame, each of them has beautiful colors and exposure.

Of course, the image quality inside the camera has also been improved. The TrueDepth camera, which includes a depth sensor that enables Face ID and more, has autofocus for the first time in this generation. The resolution is still 12 million pixels, but the lens is now F1.9 and 38% brighter, and the amount of light captured has increased.

Like the action camera, the “Motion Mode” which automatically eliminates violent vibration during leveling is also a popular new function. This function enables real-time video processing of 4K video streams. Due to the mechanism of trimming part of the video and recording it in Full HD, the viewing angle is narrowed to the point of the telephoto camera.

Action mode can be called up by simply clicking on the icon displayed on the camera screen.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro also share the ability to automatically detect a vehicle collision and make an emergency call, which has also been added to the Apple Watch.