May 25, 2024


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Artificial Intelligence – more than just technology?

Artificial Intelligence – more than just technology?

Artificial Intelligence is so ubiquitous that hardly a day goes by without you encountering a topic, whether it be in the media, at work or in conversation. The debates you hear in this context are always the same: Does AI have more advantages or disadvantages? Can artificial intelligence threaten humanity? Will artificial intelligence take our jobs? etc. Nicoletta Cusano However, it puts AI in a different light. Professor of theoretical philosophy at the university University of Brescia Last Thursday he was a guest at the Artificial Intelligence – People and Work conference organized by the South Tyrolean trade union confederation SGB/CISL. “artificial intelligence tool”Cusano said. However, she noted that AI uses humans just like humans Mediation. The philosopher justified his thesis using an example: a Chat-GPT user asks a question to a bot – it gives an answer. So far, so good. According to Kusano, the following is the crux of the matter. Chat-GPT uses the data provided for its own purposes Further development. In this way, the software takes advantage of people and trains itself using new data constantly. So who is the real one? Beneficiary? the person, Who is relying more and more on Chat-GPT, using it more and more, and thus becoming more and more dependent on the system? Or that Amnesty Internationalwhich is becoming more and more trained and independent?

“This is about being present.”

Cusano also sees a potential possibility Social change. In this context, it named an American research center that has been conducting an annual study since 2019 relations He implements. In 2022, six men identified themselves as… “Happy singles” It is referred to as being satisfied through the virtual Relationships chat bot He is.

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