April 15, 2024


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Artificial Intelligence and its Creators – Business

Artificial Intelligence and its Creators – Business

There is talk of revolution again, but this time you can't see it. Artificial intelligence is changing the world on a more granular level. It is hard to believe that these increasingly powerful forms of software can improve themselves without human guidance. Something is changing in the background of our devices and machines and the way we interact with them, but what?

Not understanding technology also means that anyone can say anything about it. Politicians, who unfortunately understand little about IT, find themselves exposed to a global race for the best companies, researchers and money flows. Business leaders who know that AI will transform their business, but it's not where they need to invest now. And professional alarmists — often even in the field of artificial intelligence — who warn that this dangerous technology could destroy humanity.

On November 30, 2022, Open AI activated Chat-GPT. We, the authors responsible for AI at Süddeutsche Zeitung, have since spoken to many people who really understand AI.

Among them was Sam Altman, the head of Open AI, who appeared like a rock star at the Technical University of Munich and crowded like Christ-like computer science students.

Or Yoshua Bengio, the Canadian superstar in AI research, who warned in a quiet voice in the back room of a professional conference in New Orleans: Humanity must bring AI under control; The systems have become very powerful.

Whether enthusiasts or skeptics – we've compiled interviews and photographs with the leading minds in the field in this issue. We hope it helps readers understand the most exciting invention of our time.

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