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Apple is suspending distribution of the latest work of the musician who made jokes about the Vision Pro – iPhone Wired

Apple is suspending distribution of the latest work of the musician who made jokes about the Vision Pro – iPhone Wired

Tim Arnold iHead

applesVision ProThe musician’s latest album who released a music video with “iHead” which appears to be a joke,Apple MusicSubscription has just been unsubscribed. Apple suggested that it will be distributed if the song in question is deleted, but the musician rejected this proposal and requests that all songs be distributed.

■ The aim of this article can be understood in 3 lines
1. Tim Arnold’s latest album is no longer available on Apple Music.
2. The reason is a videotape showing a fake product “iHead” and a fake advertisement.
3. Apple suggested deleting the song in question, but the artist refused and demanded that all songs be distributed.

The “iHead” produced four years before the Vision Pro was announced is problematic

Apple MusicThe reason for the discontinuation of Tim Arnold’s latest album “Super Connected” is the music “Start With The Sound” featuring the “iHead” headset with three iPhones. A video and ad parodying the “iHead” commercial for “Interlude” was inserted in the middle of the album.

A “commercial break” in the form of an advertisement for “iHead” appearing in the “Start With The Sound” music videoApple Music suspends release of latest album after ruling it a ‘fake ad’it has been.

According to Arnold, “iHead” and “A Commercial Break” were made four years ago in 2019, and three weeks after the release of the “Super Connected” album, AppleVision ProIt seems I was very surprised when I announced.

All “Super Connected” songs are available on music distribution services such as Spotify and YouTube Music.

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Apple proposes to release the song, if it is deleted, the artist refuses

Apple by Arnold,Fake ads are more of a problem than caricatures in Vision Pro’s music videosit seems to make it clear.

However, Arnold responds that Apple has posted many songs on Apple Music, including ad parodies.

According to Arnold Collector (the distribution broker), Apple offered a condition that the album be released if the song in question was excluded.

On the other hand, Mr. Arnold said, “This song is the key to the concept of the album” and it won’t quit.

Posted message to Apple

Mr. Arnold posted an open letter on the web asking Apple to withdraw the suspension of publishing the work, and asking him to withdraw the suspension. In addition to Mr. Arnold, musicians and actors are listed in the open letter.

“I can’t imagine anyone listening to this mocking advertisement would think there was a real product called the iHead,” he said.Apple was criticized for not trying to understand humora job.

Apple Parody allowed, Apple Parody not allowed?

Arnold also warned that cracking down on such parodies would encourage artists to follow streaming company policies and lead to broadcasting companies censoring and censoring their art.

Mr. Arnold praised the advert that cast the original Macintosh as a parody of the movie “1984” as his favorite work that inspired him, but noted that it was “ridiculous.”

Tech giants are allowed to mock artists, but aren’t artists allowed to imitate giant corporations? He is asking Apple to reconsider holding the album release.

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Here are the two songs in question

Here’s the music video for the album’s opening track, “Start with the Sound,” which features an iHead headset with mind control capabilities.

And the spoof “A Commercial Break” that flows in the middle of the 12-track album was voiced by famous British actor Stephen Fry.

Surprised that “iHead” was produced four years ago

I was surprised by the production of “iHead” and the fictional announcements involved this time around in 2019, and that the album came out about three weeks before Apple announced the Vision Pro.

Personally, given that the entire album is available on streaming services other than Apple Music, it seems Apple is overreacting to “fake ads.”

Incidentally, Taylor Swift spoke about an open letter criticizing Apple from musicians, back in 2015 when the Apple Music service was launched, and criticized the no-royalty policy played during the Apple Music free trial period. Post a message to

After that, Apple changed its policy and settled with Mr. Swift, and Mr. Swift appeared in Apple Music advertisements several times.

I hope the Tim Arnold case will come to an amicable conclusion.

source:Tim Arnold / Medium via 9to5Mac