June 23, 2024


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Apple: iOS 14.5 Games dominate adherence to privacy policies

Apple: iOS 14.5 Games dominate adherence to privacy policies

It was released earlier this week and is the most controversial iOS update ever released for the iPhone. With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced a new, more transparent privacy policy called app tracking transparency.

A few days after its official release, AppFigures launches its first report measuring the pulse of adherence to app tracking transparency. According to their data, they already exist About 10,000 applications This welcomed Apple’s new move.

Apps tracking games that adhere more to transparency

Types of games that lead to sticking to application tracking transparency. The data shared by the source estimates that it represents 20% of the universe that has already implemented the new rules imposed by Apple.

Second, but with a major drawback (only 6%), applications appear. Small applications aimed at assisting users in certain tasks and most survive on the price of ads and advertising.

Social networks appear in 8th place, with 5% membership. This is the type to miss the most with this functionality, thus verifying its reluctance to succumb to Apple’s dumplings.

Some developers are trying to deceive users

This source estimates that half of users are prevented from monitoring and collecting their information. If this is true, then such an event would mean a significant drop in the revenue of those who give thanks for advertising.

To try to reverse this trend, some programmers try to deceive users into believing that they are acceptable to follow. We try to impress users with messages such as: “Thank you for being a fan of our app! To continue to support us, click” Allow “in the next step so we can provide customized ads”.

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This type of trigger is not allowed under the App Store policies. This means that those at risk of being allowed by Apple are already trying to maintain their sources of income.

With application tracking transparency, users now have the power to determine which applications can collect their data. This information will only be collected with your express authorization, which can significantly affect the effectiveness of targeted advertising.

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