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Apex Legends Season 17: Ranked Population Distribution Data Released How Complete Is The New System? | EAA!! FPSjp.net

Respawn Entertainment is changing the mechanics of ranked matches in Apex Legends Season 17, Arsenal.To rankConfirmation of arrangementIt’s available now.

There are only two weeks left until Season 17, but Apex Legends Status has released the population breakdown for each rank tier. Let’s take a look at the data to see if the new ranked system is indeed correctly assessing a player’s skill.


Ranked Population Distribution as of Season 17 (Week 2)

Unofficial data tracking websiteApex Legends statusYou can check the population distribution in the Season 17 Ranked Match in real time at.

Population Distribution Season XVII (May 22)

In ranked matches from Season 17, everyone starts as a rookie. The first 10 games will be treated as a “sorting battle”, and the higher the player’s MMR, which is a special skill rating, the more bonuses will be awarded to the LP gained according to the gap with the current rank and match results.

Ranking itself is more important than killing, making it easier for players with a wide range of skills to participate.

According to the published data (unofficially), the total number of players is about 2.53 million. Of these, the total population of the Main Region and the Predator Region is approximately1.32%It seems that even though it’s only the second week of the season, there are still quite a few players ahead of the fans.The ranking system itself works as describedIt can be seen that although several major bands can be seen, only the diamond bands (1 through 4) are less than diamond when combined.

Apex Legends:"Season 17"The corresponding classified population distribution data has been released
Season fifteen division 2 population distribution

The image above is from Season 15, The Split 2, but looking at the shape of the graph, Season 17 appears to have a more flat distribution between levels.

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Are you really in “ability assessment mode”?

However, on the other hand, I’m curious as to whether ranked matches really work as a way to assess a player’s ability, which has been carried over from seasons past.

Finally,It is difficult to judge whether the new ranking system is good or bad based on this graph.. This is because it is not clear whether the graph shows the ability distribution of all participants or simply the distribution of Rankma’s playing time.

If ranked matches divide the skill of all participants, then in any title, not just FPS, the player base of “average skill” will be the largest, and the “above average” players and “below average” players will be the largest., and the ratio of “top players” is lowest (lognormal distribution).

Apex Legends:"Season 17"The corresponding classified population distribution data has been released
“VALORANT” population distribution ranking (as of May 23). In Player Ability Rating Mode, it’s normal to have such a distribution (Esports Talesfrom)

“VALORANT”, adopting the “soft reset + distribution battle” method of ranks (contests), has become a textbook-like population distribution map. It can be said that each rank of all participants is a system that represents their (relative) ability.

In this comparison, Apex has the largest Rookie + Bronze squad. Perhaps this is due to the fact that players who have played a little rank are also counted. In other words, there is a possibility that the lower the rank, the more likely it is that it simply represents a ranked player’s “(short) playing time” rather than actual ability. And it seems that it is not.

Compared to the “Siege” with a similar system

As another FPS that adopts the “everyone starts at the lowest rank” format, the ranked match of “Rainbow Six Siege” seems to be a comparison target.

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Until about the fall of 2022, this system determined the starting point in the standings after 10 “certified matches” were played, but now it has changed dramatically. Like Apex, everyone starts at the bottom (Brass), and the higher the internal rating, the faster you can reach the highest rank (Champion) if you keep doing well.

Apex Legends:"Season 17"The corresponding classified population distribution data has been released
Ranked population distribution for “Rainbow Six Siege” (as of Y7S4). There are 36 categories here (Network Trackerfrom)

Although this is also unofficial data, such as Apex, the situation is that ‘low-ranked players are the largest’.

In this way, the quality of ranked matches cannot be assessed as a skill rating system (from the player’s point of view) with a population distribution map that mixes players with “rank = ability” and players with “rank = playing time”.

Unknown evaluation method for the new ranked match

Here, “good or bad rank matching” refers to the balance between how easy it is to raise or lower a rank. Raising ranks is relatively easy and lowering them leads to ease of play, which can be checked by focusing on the sharpness of the mountains drawn by the distribution map.

Apex Legends:"Season 17"The corresponding classified population distribution data has been released
Population distribution ranking for VALORANT as of July 2021. Focus on the sharpness of the entire mountain
Apex Legends:"Season 17"The corresponding classified population distribution data has been released
May 2023 again. Now that the ascent has been added, the shape of the mountain is nicer. And she points out that the system is easier to move up and down than it was in 2021.

Ranked matches with sharp peaks in the graph indicate that it is a rigid system that makes it difficult for rank promotions and demotions to occur. Conversely, if a mountain is very flat, it can be considered a chaotic system with players climbing up and down the ranks.

In “VALORANT”, you can see from the above figure that adding ascension has removed the mountain’s sharpness (= difficulty raising and lowering rank). However, if we increase the number of ranks more than that, the mountain will collapse into a plateau, and there is a risk of chaotically arranged matches. Ultimately, finding a balance between these two will make categorization easier.

Apex Legends:"Season 17"The corresponding classified population distribution data has been released
repost. Because the gold belt and above are flat, it may be a system where ranks are replaced frequently, but at present, it is not possible to draw a conclusion. Is there a better way to view

Apex also has a realistic skill distribution for normal logarithms of players, and should include the largest number of players with average skills (around silver to gold). It seems necessary to think about how to calculate a number like “VALORANT” and allow the same rank match to be evaluated from the height of each mountain.

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It would be nice to create a demographic of only players who have played ranked matches for a certain amount of time or more, but the next problem would be determining the “fixed amount of time”.

None of the data here is from official sources, but it is interesting. It wasn’t clear from the chart if the current ranked match is any better, but hopefully one day they’ll come up with a better way to rate the current Apex Rating system.

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source: Apex Legends Status, Esports Tales, Network Tracker