April 17, 2024


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Announcing Update (V63) that implements “Lying Mode” for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro – MoguLive

Announcing Update (V63) that implements “Lying Mode” for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro – MoguLive

The latest software update (version 63) for the Meta Quest series has been distributed gradually. this time,A “reclining mode” has been implemented in the Quest 2 and Quest ProUpdates are being made. Please note that no implementation plans for Meta Quest 3 have been announced.

The reclining mode announced this time is a system that allows the VR screen and UI to be moved 90 degrees (to the ceiling) and fixed. In previous versions of Quest, when you lay down, the UI etc. didn't track your movements, making it difficult to play well. With this update, you can play Quest comfortably while lying on your bed or futon. At the time of writing, it has not been announced why Lie Mode will not be implemented in Quest 3.

According to US media outlet UploadVR, testing features include an “external microphone” and “airplane mode.”

It was also announced that a new payment method called “Quest Cash” will be introduced in the second half of March. The system aims to give parents of children who own a Quest a secure way to manage VR purchases and pay for games and additional content.

When Quest Cash is purchased, it is stored in the user's account and can be gifted or requested to other users. In Japan, Quest Cash expires 6 months after purchase.

It has also been confirmed that in the PTC (Public Test Channel) release of the v63 update, a feature has been tested that allows sideloaded applications (installed from sources other than the official store) to be permanently displayed on the menu bar. Previously, side-loaded apps would disappear from the menu bar once you launched another app, and if you wanted to use them again, you had to select them from your library. The implementation of fixed functionality is expected to improve the convenience of application selection. Please note that this information is not included in the official release notes, so we will likely have to wait for the update to see if it will actually be implemented.

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