June 18, 2024


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American Airlines pilots agree to a high-paying job deal

American Airlines pilots agree to a high-paying job deal

  • American Airlines pilots have agreed to a new contract that includes an immediate 21% bump in pay.
  • The carrier is the second-largest US airline to strike a deal with pilots this year.
  • American sweetened its contract offer after United struck a richer deal with the airline.

An American Airlines plane takes off from Miami International Airport on May 2, 2023 in Miami, Florida.

Joe Riddle | Getty Images

American Airlines pilots have agreed to an improved labor deal, making the carrier the second major US airline to strike a new contract with the highest-paying workgroup.

The 15,000-plus pilots in America will receive immediate increases of 21% with a compensation increase of more than 46% over the term of their four-year contract, including 401(k) contributions, their union said Monday.

An earlier deal between America and Etihad collapsed after rival United Airlines and this carrier consortium reached a richer initial deal. But America increased its bid last month.

American pilots voted more than 72% in favor of the new contract, and there was a 95% turnout, according to the Allied Pilots Association. The agreement also includes scheduling and benefit improvements.

Pilots have been pressing airlines to improve compensation and work rules as the industry faces a pilot shortage in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

“This agreement will immediately help Americans expand our ability to train pilots to support underutilized aircraft and future aviation and provide pilots with more opportunities to advance their careers,” Robert Isom, CEO of the American company, said in a statement.

Delta Air Lines pilots ratified a new agreement earlier this year.

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