April 17, 2024


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AMD, Intel, Microsoft, and Nvidia are improving hardware upgrade support

AMD, Intel, Microsoft, and Nvidia are improving hardware upgrade support

Microsoft is collaborating directly with AMD, Intel, and Nvidia to improve upgrade support for the respective manufacturer's technologies in Windows 11. Because each company currently has its own solution. Naturally, this means more effort for game developers if they want to integrate all the solutions. Nvidia is known to use DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling. In Intel's case it's XeSS (Xe Super Sampling), while AMD uses FSR (FidelityFX Super Resplution).

To make it easier for developers to integrate multiple upgrading technologies in one fell swoop, Microsoft wants to introduce a new API called DirectSR in Windows 11. Game developers then only have to integrate this API and they can include the three mentioned technologies in their game. This would significantly reduce the effort. Ultimately, both developers and players will benefit from this, as they can rely more on the fact that their preferred upgrade technology is included as well.

The result also shows that Microsoft may not be working on its own upgrade solution after all. Because in the preview builds of Windows 11, you can already find references to the Automatic Super Resolution function. This probably means the new DirectSR API. In the end, all the mentioned solutions have one thing in common: they allow the image to be calculated in games at a native resolution lower than the resolution that is ultimately displayed. The latter is achieved by induction. Thus, for example. For example, performance-hungry effects such as path tracing can be used and a consistent frame rate can still be guaranteed – without significant losses in perceived fidelity.

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