July 21, 2024


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AMD: Graphics Card Manufacturer Should Block DLSS 3 Technology – Is Starfield Affected Too?

AMD: Graphics Card Manufacturer Should Block DLSS 3 Technology – Is Starfield Affected Too?


AMD is reportedly blocking Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology. We will tell you why Starfield can also appear without upgrade technology.

Like many other games, Starfield could appear without DLSS 3. (Source: AMD)

  • AMD reportedly blocked DLSS 3 support for various games.
  • On the other hand, Nvidia has allowed an AMD equivalent.
  • There is a Starfield collaboration with AMD so the title can be released without DLSS 3.

AMD It currently has a collaboration with Microsoft, so so can you starfield In the Buy a bundle with Ryzen processors. But some players see this partnership critically.

As Hardware Unboxed reports on YouTube, AMD appears to be systematically blocking DLSS3New technology from nvidia. As the YouTuber with two tables shows, AMD supported games such as Resident Evil 4 Or Star Wars Jedi: Survivor only has FSR and not DLSS 3.

On the other hand, games supported by Nvidia such as Diablo 4 Or Redfall usually supports both FSR and DLSS 3. FSR is AMD’s upgrade technology, which is equivalent to DLSS 3.

No DLSS 3 for Starfield?

Since AMD seems to have a collaboration with Microsoft As for Starfield, it is conceivable that the new title will only support FSR and players with Nvidia graphics cards will not get anything.

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However, you will find out if this is actually the case at the latest when Starfield is released. The title will be released on September 6th for PC and Xbox X/S. You can find more upcoming games at Game release list.

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