May 25, 2024


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Amazon Prime Gaming: Players may bargain

In May 2021, Amazon and Prime Gaming will once again present exciting offers to gamers. Free games and exciting in-game content of the best titles available to customers. Because with Prime Gaming, Amazon Prime members can look forward to free and in some cases exclusive content for games on their PCs, consoles, and mobile platforms. The online ordering company also offers free PC games that members can keep forever once they pick them up – plus a monthly Twitch channel subscription of their choice. Prime Gaming’s choice of in-game content and free PC games is steadily increasing, but games are also being dropped from the range. New games and items are added every month. Players receive exclusive content for GTA, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA 21. The free games with Prime in May are Yoku’s Island Express, Healer’s Quest, Beholder, The Blind Prophet, and A Blind Legend. A detailed description of the Prime Gaming offer can be found on COMPUTER BILD.

Again five free games on amazon

In May 2021, Prime Gaming customers will ride “Yoku’s Island Express” and be in awe as they experience a mixture of pinball mechanics, platform elements and open-world fun. In “Searching for a Healer” you are the healer in a fictional world. “Beholder” lets you experience an award-winning narrative adventure and a miserable adventure. Their mission: to prevent the coup, save the world. Then she goes on a divine mission in the “Blind Prophet” to fight evil. Finally, “A Blind Legend” is an action-adventure game without a picture, where the ears replace the eyes – original and original sounds.

Free features in Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming offers lots of free offers: For “Grand Theft Auto Online”, there’s coal, a free underwater sonar station, vehicles, weapons, and more. For “Red Dead Online”, “Prime Gaming” members receive a Bounty Hunter License, Varmint Rifle, and other free content. And for Destiny 2, Prime Gaming is upgrading the arsenal with fun things like Spicy Ramen Exotic Emote, Ikora’s Resolve Exotic Ship, Future Perfect Exotic Ghost Shell, and Jagged Darksum Legendary Sparrow. unbelievable?

Amazon Prime Gaming is once again offering a lot of great deals in May. Even “GTA” fans will be really happy this time.

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Amazon Prime Gaming: Calendar May 2021

In addition to “GTA” and “Red Dead” and other notable titles, Prime Gaming offers many other offerings. The portfolio can be found in detail below in the calendar for May 2021.

Already available

  • Drop “Destiny 2” 6
  • Drop Epic Seven 8
  • Fall Guys 5
  • Drop “FIFA” 4
  • Drop the “Last Day on Earth” 2
  • League of Legends falls 10-12
  • Drop “Legends of Runeterra” 4
  • “MLB Tap Sports Baseball” drop 3
  • Drop “Mobile Legends – Bang Bang” 2
  • Drop “Paladins” 8
  • “Rainbow Siege Six” drop 5
  • “Red Dead Online” content
  • Drop “beating” 8
  • UFC projection 4
  • Dropping the ‘assessment’ 3
  • War of Visions – Final Fantasy Country Xvius Drop 12
  • Drop “World Farm Adventure” 1

3. May

  • Free games: “Yoku’s Island Express”, “Healer’s Quest”, “The Beholder”, “The Blind Prophet”, “Blind Legend”
  • Litz Chance: “Move or Die – Couch Party Edition”, “The Escapists”, “Moving Out”, “Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron” “Before I Forget”

May 5th

  • Drop Epic Seven 9
  • MapleStory M, Drop 7

May 6

  • Magic Tiles 3 Drop 22
  • Drop Dark Rises 8

10. May

  • Drop “League of Legends” 13

12. May

  • “MLB Tap Sports Baseball” drop 4
  • Dropping “Alliance versus Empire” 6

13. May

  • Grand Theft Auto online content

19. May

20. May

May 21

  • Drop “League of Legends” 14

25. May

  • “MLB Tap Sports Baseball” drop 5

Also in May