April 23, 2024


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Amazon offers one of the best video games of all time

Amazon offers one of the best video games of all time

In Amazon's Prime Gaming Store, the mail-order company offers free games every month. But there's also no shortage of in-game features here. Offer changes monthly. You can see what's currently available to you here.

Amazon Prime Games

Amazon offers one of the best role-playing games ever.

Prime Gaming is the best Games store from Amazon. Anyone with a Prime membership receives free games and many other in-game rewards every month. We'll be showing you our favorite free games, a selection of loot, etc., which are also available for free in March. This time the internet giant presents one of the best role-playing games of all time, 'Fallout 2'. Here you can find out how you can secure the classic.

Free games with Prime Gaming for March

After securing “Fallout” in February, Prime Gaming will give you the direct successor “Fallout 2” for free in March. Like its predecessor, this RPG was a huge success and helped make Fallout what it is today. In this part of the game, you will enjoy the role of one of the residents of the Arroyo settlement. Your mission is to find the GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) which has the power to end famine and drought in the settlement. The gameplay of the game is very similar to the first part, which makes it an old Fallout game.

If a journey through a ruined world isn't quite what you'd hope for from a video game, Bus Simulator 2021: Next Stop lets you immerse yourself in a world very similar to our own. In this game you can create your own bus company and transport passengers around the city in officially licensed buses. The game has been improved extensively, and in this version it offers you a completely new game mode.

Free games for March

  • March 7: “Fallout 2” (GOG icon)
  • March 7: “The Scarf” (Amazon gaming app)
  • March 14: “Case Files: Moths to the Flame” (Amazon Games app)
  • March 14: “Invincible Gifts: Atom Eve” (Epic Games Store)
  • March 21: “Pearl of Atlantis: The Cove” (Legacy Games Code)
  • March 28: “Bus Simulator 2021: Next Stop” (Amazon Games app)
  • March 28: “Through the Darkest Times” (Amazon Games app)
  • March 28: Bridge to Another World: Secrets of the Nutcracker (Amazon Games app)

Amazon Luna in March

This month you can access several games for free via Amazon Luna. These are “Drift CE”, “Rescue Party Live”, “Chicken Assassin Reloaded” and many others. You'll also have access to popular games like Fortnite, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and Trackmania.

In-game rewards with Prime Gaming

Of course, there will be many benefits for you again in March that you can secure with Prime Gaming. Among others, there is content for “PUBG Mobile”, “League of Legends”, “Pokémon Go”, “Overwatch 2” and “Paladins”. You can secure content at no additional cost by linking your game to your Prime Gaming account.

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