April 18, 2024


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Amazon is ditching walk-in shopping at its grocery stores

Amazon is ditching walk-in shopping at its grocery stores

Amazon has decided to abandon its Just Walk Out program, which allows customers to leave traditional grocery stores without a formal checkout process. Instead, it's shifting entirely to “Dash Carts,” where customers scan products as they throw them into their shopping cart.

this according to the information, Which suggests the company is pulling Just Walk Out from all supermarkets where the system is in place and “beautifying stores across the board” as it prepares to expand Amazon Fresh locations later this year. However, Amazon will continue to use it in convenience stores.

Amazon has been unable to handle in-person retail despite purchasing the popular upscale chain Whole Foods in 2017. Over the years, the online shopping giant has closed all of its book, 4-star and pop-up stores and halted the expansion of its Fresh stores. Last year, Amazon Style clothing stores closed. In January, it closed its last grocery store.

Now, as the company returns to Dash Carts, it's essentially reducing the self-checkout process to a contraption containing scanners and a touchscreen, mounted on special shopping carts — something other retailers have tried United State And in Europe – Followed by verification with a palm scanner. This has benefits such as customers being able to keep a grand total while shopping, but Amazon will still face hurdles.

However, this approach is much simpler, probably less error-prone, and almost certainly cheaper than the company's original approach of using computer vision that monitors customers through cameras and sensors to figure out what they are buying. Amazon said in September that it was working to scale back that in favor of using radio frequency identification, or RFID, scanners to track customer purchases. People will probably feel uncomfortable about the palm-scanning technology you use instead, but that's probably better than all the cameras and AI.

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