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Almost half of the population is gaming

Almost half of the population is gaming

A new study by MYI Entertainment and Link examined the video game consumption of the population of Switzerland and divided the Swiss gaming country into different types of gamers.

last October MYI Entertainment She studied the behavior and motivation of Swiss gamers in collaboration with the social research firm Link. The aim of the “Gaming Nation Switzerland” study: to understand how and why people in Switzerland play video games. A total of 1,025 people between the ages of 15 and 79 were interviewed between 4 and 10 October for this purpose.

According to a press release, the findings “provide profound insights into video game consumption in Switzerland.” For example: about four million gamers between the ages of 15 and 79 live in Switzerland. Half of them play daily or several times a week. But there are “different types of gamers” who like different games and don’t always spend the same amount of money on games. These types are:

  • competitor: This guy wants to compete with others and become the best in the game of his choice.
  • Companion: People who value the social interactions of games and are looking for like-minded people.
  • explorersDo you want to fully immerse yourself in the game and spend hours exploring new worlds and lore?
  • laid back: Relaxation is the priority, these gamers want to relax while playing and distract themselves from everyday life.
  • studentLike competitors, researchers always want to improve, but in skills they can also use in everyday life. Therefore, they tend to play logical puzzles or more complex games.
  • Filling timeNo matter how, no matter where – there are games for them to kill time.
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More Twitch than Youtube, and more portable than consoles

According to the declaration, the gaming country of Switzerland can be described as follows:

  • About six in ten Swiss between the ages of 15 and 79 play a video game at least once a year, which equates to about 4 million Swiss (about 46% of the population).
  • About two million players can be classified as “core gamers” who play several times a week or even daily. Six out of ten major gamers play primarily on mobile devices.
  • The average Swiss player is 39.1 years old and actively plays six hours a week, with the ‘mainstream player’ at 41.8 being nearly five years older than the ‘non-core player’ at 36.5.
  • The strongest motivations for playing video games are “relaxation/disengagement” and “drift/distraction,” but also “strategic challenges.”
  • Almost every second person watches others play video games on streaming platforms like Twitch (4 hours/week on average) and/or video portals like YouTube (3.3 hours/week on average).
  • The average Swiss gamer spends CHF 162.90 per year on video games and/or accessories.
  • The popularity and use of social media platforms depends largely on age. While Discord and Twitch are especially popular with Generation Z, Facebook is especially popular with Boomers.
  • The ‘competitor’ and ‘companion’ game types show the greatest interest in active future participation in gaming events, with individual online events being particularly attractive.

The numbers show that the number of players in Switzerland has remained the same or at least increased slightly compared to last year. In 2021, two studies show a similar number – according to “Gaming Atlas Switzerland 2021”, almost half (44%) of Swiss describe themselves as gamers and play at least five hours a week. At Study “eSports Switzerland 2021” In ZHAW the figure was slightly lower: 41.7% of the Swiss population play video games at least once a week. The current MYI study emphasizes the importance of tablets and mobile devices, which was previously mentioned in “Gaming Atlas”.

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