September 22, 2023


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Alexander Chance Review – Don’t Fall, My Eyes

Alexander Chance Review – Don’t Fall, My Eyes

The lute songs of Dowland’s period are filled with delicately shaded yet lustful melancholy. Coutertenor Alexander Chance and Lieutenant Toby Carr are amazing with your breath skill.

Melancholia plays a major role in the lute songs of Dowland’s period. It sounds like delicately shaded melancholy, but erotic, capable of causing extremely contradictory feelings in the listener. Coutertenor Alexander Chance and Toby Carr, who accompany the singer on the lute with great sensitivity, prove to be true masters of their bringing to the King. “I saw my lady cry” or “Flow, my tears” hold your breath because of its deep, yet delicately glowing absorption of pain. In addition to the songs of John Doland, there are songs by Thomas Campion, Thomas Ford, John Daniel, and Henry Purcell, which bring other colors to the play, from blessed infatuation to truly deadly sadness. A thin gauze blanket always lies on top of it and bathes everything in a soft light of longing. very Influential!

My eyes don’t fall
Works by Dowland, Campion, Ford, Daniel, and Henry Purcell

Alexander Chance (countertenor), Toby Carr (oud and thorpo)
CKD 711

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