August 15, 2022


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A tournament-like weekend at BenQ Gaming Camp 2022

Through its gaming brand MOBIUZ, BenQ invites you to participate in the BenQ Gaming Camp 2022 competition. The event gives all gaming enthusiasts a retro feel and takes participants back to the good old days of Lan parties – like-minded people who come together to expand their gaming experience and achievements.

There are 4×2 tickets worth around €1,000 each to win to try out the weekend games at BenQ Gaming Camp 2022. From 29.07.2007 the camp will take place at ESPORTS HOUSE Germany in Gladbeck (NRW) until 31 July 2022. Winners can look forward to two nights at ESPORTS HOUSE With an action packed program all day long. Of course, food is included. They meet professional players and esports players on the site, where they can gamble, communicate and improve their skills. Access is only possible for all participants who hold a valid ticket.

The highlight of the weekend together will be the Games Cup – a tournament in which a new EX2510S and two-day tickets to Gamescom 2022 are available.

Applying is very easy: interested gamers can now apply on the BenQ Gaming Camp page with a companion who is also a gaming enthusiast. All you have to do is fill out the online application form and submit it. In addition to their own and the required companion data, applicants enter their personal motivation, which is why they must be among all the people present at BenQ Gaming Camp. There are three areas with different game types to choose from when applying: Sports Apartment with FIFA & Rocket League, Battle Apartment with Call of Duty & Fortnite, or Party Apartment with Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The deadline for participation is July 10, 2022 and the winners will be notified on July 11, 2022. BenQ channels are also recommended Facebook And the Instagram To follow up to stay up to date with the competition.

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More information about the BenQ Gaming Camp 2022 competition and entry form is available at:

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