April 18, 2024


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A situation occurred where the school changed all passwords for student accounts to `Ch@ngeme!

A situation occurred where the school changed all passwords for student accounts to `Ch@ngeme!

In an American high school, the password for all of the school’s Google accounts is[email protected]! “Change without permission. If the password”[email protected]! “For all students, so it’s temporary in a situation where anyone can log into their crush’s account.

The high school changes every student’s password to “[email protected]! | Techcrunch

According to information independently obtained by foreign media TechCrunch, it is located in Illinois, USAOak Park and River Forest (OPRF)A high school reports to parents, “Due to an unexpected vendor error, the system reset all student account passwords, preventing students from logging into their Google accounts.”

OPRF High School has about 3,000 students, and the school told parents on June 22, 2023, “To fix the problem, we ask the students.”[email protected]! It was also revealed that an email was sent informing students that “Students are encouraged to change this password to their own as soon as possible.” In other words, the school changed all students’ Google account passwords to “[email protected]! “.

“Giving everyone the same password is clearly not the right way for an organization to force a password reset,” TechCrunch said. Normal password reset procedures require all users to log out and get a new password the next time they log in. It asks you to set a password”, indicating that the password reset method adopted by OPRF Secondary School is wrong.

“This is very dangerous, and it’s like calling all students to have their accounts hacked,” said Manning Peterson, a parent with kids at OPRF High School. He also revealed that his son tried to change the password of his school’s Google account after receiving the email notification, but failed.

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Peterson also said, “I tried logging into my son and some of my colleagues’ Google accounts, and I was able to log in easily. You can access any data stored in Google Drive, such as reports and class assignments. “

On June 23, OPRF High School sent an email to parents again saying, “We will be emailing you a special password process for some students over the weekend.” I’m here.

TechCrunch contacted OPRF High School Principal and Vice Principal Linda Parker about the situation, but did not receive any comments.

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