May 29, 2024


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Gabriele Muscolino, Singer/Songwriter, Cantautore und Poet aus Bozen.

A poetic ray of light in dark times

solo album “Gabriel Moscolino” by February 26, 2021, by the Italian mark soulful music She appeared at a time when concert business had completely stopped. One can only hope that the situation will improve … It lasted until May/June and only in the past few weeks has there been a certain affinity with the “normal” concert business.

Gabriel Mosculino He decided to release his first solo album despite the gloomy situation and the impossibility of showing the album live. And through this album, Moscolino gave the world a poetic ray of hope in dark times.

In the meantime, many reviews have emerged for this album and we would like to take you on a little trip through the different perspectives of Gabriel Mosculino’s debut solo album, which, incidentally, will be shown live at Castle Runkelstein this evening.

With this album, Moscolino gave the world a poetic ray of hope in dark times.

The first solo album “Gabriele Muscolino” was released on February 26, 2021 on the Italian label Visage Music. Graphic: Gabriel Mosculino

The most beautiful and in our opinion the most appropriate description of the music and the album, Gabriel Mosculino, right at the beginning. It came from Alessio Lega and is in the Italian monthly magazine “Vinyl” Posted at the end of April 2021: “The classical room-like dimension of the arrangements is striking, and the feminine song often contrasts with the well-articulated lyrics, not as a background chorus but in the Dionysian-Apollonian dialectical dimension, two horns of the same flame. (…]Muscolino – plus songwriter – translator and teacher , a man who lives on the northern frontier of country and language, and in the end this is the most obvious sign of his writing: traveling along dangerous outcrops that unite and separate man and nature, wind and sound, harmony and sound.”

“Traveling along the thin and perilous hills that unite and separate man and nature, wind and sound, harmony and sound.”

Bolzano music journalist Carnival Paolo Crazy, a deep connoisseur of the local scene, emphasizes the qualities of Musolino’s text. In his review in Here is Bolzano. At the beginning of the year, Carnival wrote: “His writing is in fact erudite writings, full of acquired quotations, never set to present culture, but to motivate the listener: thus we find in his songs quotations from Dante, Calvino, Guccini, great ideas such as those of a black magnolia where the female body is imagined as a map A geography to be explored, and what about the history of other times of the aforementioned explorers leaving for the wonderful Cathay of Marcopoliana memory, even the swinging Italian order of the best, which refers to the ancient Lescano Trio and Paolo Conte.”

German record dealer Bongartz Not only did he include the Muscolino album in his program, but he also recommended it to his clients: “The debut solo album of the singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, who first achieved fame as the head of the progressive folk band” Nachtcafé “, is also very interesting. Accompanied by only his bouzouki, the brilliant voice of singer Angelica Pedro, as well as Lorenzo Barzon on violin and Lucia Suchanska on cello In their atmospheric atmosphere, these ten songs are reminiscent of classic Italian fiends like Paolo Conte, Gianmaria Testa or Fabrizio d’Andre – yet they have their own voice. With a dark, raspy voice, Gabriele Muscolino sings his detailed stories and character studies, coming out of full life and inspired by flowery fiction. (…) A brilliant, musical and poetic beginning that raises high hopes – and of course a lot of wanderlust…”

Not as crazy as Vinicio Capossela and more cool than Gianmaria Testa, but if you love them, you should be able to enjoy this mature album too.

German music magazine also draws similar parallels “Jazztic” In its May/June 2021 edition, which still remembers and continues Muscolinos Albem with Café Night: “His soft, gentle voice and somewhat squeak masterfully blend with the bitter harmonious vocals of Angelica Pedrone. In the arrangements, the cantotory-like accompaniment of the Irish bouzouki meets the folk elements of violin, cello, and accordion; Muscollino can describe the mood as convincingly as he can tell the stories he wears with gentle melodies.” Not as crazy as Vinicio Capossela and more popular than Gianmaria Testa, but if you like them you should also be able to enjoy this mature album.

Again, it’s Musolino’s ability to tell stories that catches the reviewer’s attention, and not just Guido Diesing From “Jazztex”, but also Danny Hephart From the Belgian online magazine “Rootstime”: “Moscolino narrates almost as much as he sings. His voice is perfect for this, but it also comes alone when surrounded by different instruments: the bozuki, played by Gabriel himself, the violin by Lorenzo Barzon, the accordion by Matteo Vachin and guest musician Martin Turrich (Altan), the cello by Luca Pasquales and the composer’s voice. / Singer Angelica Pedron … All this creates a very special atmosphere, almost perfect. “ Hayvert in conclusion: “A very painful debut album for a man who is not only a singer-songwriter and musician, but also a teacher, and because of this debut I dare to call him a true asset to the European singer-songwriter scene!”

Although views differ about the first single album, the similarities to be found in these reviews are numerous: Gabriel Mosculino is an excellent storyteller with a poetic sense of words, melodies and sounds. W: he has with musicians – not least with Angelica Pedrone On the second sound – he found excellent fellows who expand his vocal world with the best sympathy.

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To the concert given by Gabriele Muscolino at Castle Runkelstein:

Yesterday in Berges, and today at Rankelstein Castle in Posen, Gabriele Muscolino is finally living on stage again.

Yesterday in Berges, and today at Rankelstein Castle in Posen, Gabriele Muscolino is finally living on stage again. Pictured: Franco Silvestri