April 17, 2024


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A golf shoe that combines technology and style

A golf shoe that combines technology and style

The adidas TOUR360 24 golf shoe represents another evolution in the world of golf accessories by combining cutting-edge technology, comfort and style. Designed with the needs of golfers in mind, this shoe features a combination of advanced technologies like INSITE™ 2.0 sockliner and 360WRAP insole to ensure optimal fit and stability. The combination of JET BOOST and LIGHTSTRIKE cushioning ensures comfort and support during the swing, while the 7-spike THINTECH sole provides excellent traction. Durability is ensured by high-quality materials such as the microfiber T-suede heel and waterproof leather upper. Available in different models and colours, the adidas TOUR360 24 is an ideal choice for style-conscious players who value precision and performance, especially when using rangefinders.

“Our goal with the TOUR360 24 was to leverage key insights from nearly 20 years of TOUR360 development to improve the performance of the shoe from the inside out,” says Mason Dennison, global director of footwear at adidas Golf. “We wanted to capture the feeling of confidence that comes when someone puts their foot in a shoe for the first time and is excited to hit the first tee. The shoe has a distinct, classic look, but the golfer will “notice the difference in the way this shoe feels once they put it on.”

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The new Adidas golf shoes for the 2024 season

The adidas TOUR360 24 is an advanced golf shoe designed for optimal performance on the golf course. The main feature of this shoe is the combination of advanced technology and high-quality materials that ensure comfort and durability. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of technologies such as the INSITE™ 2.0 sockliner, 360WRAP interior, and TORSION BRIDGE, which together provide excellent fit and stability. The TORSION bridge in particular aims to strengthen the forefoot and midfoot and improve energy transfer during the swing.

This year, adidas is using JET BOOST technology in the heel of the shoe for the first time. Small “energy pods” are intended to ensure stability and comfort in the back of the golf shoe. In collaboration with LIGHTSTRIKE technology, adidas aims to achieve a perfect balance between sole cushioning and stability.

The adidas TOUR360 24 golf shoe places special emphasis on high traction, which is implemented by the 7-stud THINTECH sole. This sole is specifically designed for optimal traction and features replaceable studs specifically positioned to support golfers during the swing. Of particular note is the placement of the nail closer to the toe, which allows for better propulsion during the swing and generates additional force from the ground. Flex grooves provide extra traction and a high-shine finish designed to reduce dirt buildup during cycles, increasing shoe life and performance in a variety of conditions.

THINTECH 7-stud sole for the adidas Tour360 golf shoe.  (Image: Adidas)

THINTECH 7-stud sole for the adidas Tour360 golf shoe. (Image: Adidas)

The combination of advanced technology, durability and design makes the adidas TOUR360 24 an excellent choice for players who value precision and performance, especially if they use rangefinders as part of their equipment. The new TOUR360 24 will be available starting Thursday, February 29 in a variety of lace-up colorways and BOA versions for men, women and juniors, on adidas.com, in the adidas app and at select retailers worldwide.