June 23, 2024


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A Chinese space plane is followed by a seventh UFO while 6 others broadcast repeating patterns

A Chinese space plane is followed by a seventh UFO while 6 others broadcast repeating patterns

China's experimental reusable spacecraft has launched a yet-to-be-identified object into space, nearly six months after its launch. This is the seventh object released by the plane since December 14, with the previous six being found to send out a repeating pattern.

The newest object, highlighted by astronomer Jonathan McDowell, appears to have been launched by the plane on Friday. Perform a maneuver About the same time.

“This object could be a subsatellite, or it could be a piece of hardware that was ejected before the end of the mission and deorbited (the first flight of the spaceplane did something similar),” McDowell added. “It will be interesting to see if the plane will maneuver or land soon.”

The object is the seventh object that was discovered to be launched by a space plane. Shortly after launch, amateur astronomer and satellite tracker Scott Tilley noticed six “mysterious wingmen” trailing behind the craft, several of them emitting signals.

The objects, tracked by many organizations, released different types of data.

“The OBJECT A emission or emissions close to it are reminiscent of previous Chinese spaceplane emissions, in the sense that the signal is modulated using a limited amount of data,” Tilly said. Space.com websiteadding that objects labeled D and E appear to be broadcasting placeholder signals, and are not sending any useful data.

When analyzing data from OBJECT A, amateur radio operator Daniel Estevez found small differences in transmission, but not much.

“One thing is clear,” he wrote on his page. website. “The signal does not contain much data, as most of the bits show the same repeating pattern.”

The purpose of the additional satellites, or what the seventh object is, is still unclear, and China has not gone into details of what the space plane and its associated objects are doing. It is not unusual for governments to remain secretive about their activities in space. Right now, for example, Elon Musk's SpaceX is working on a secret contract for the US government. But it is not unusual for governments to conduct research in space, or for spacecraft to deliver payloads for other companies. Although details are scarce, Chinese state media say the spaceplane is testing reusable technology.

“The reusable experimental spacecraft will operate in orbit for some time before returning to its scheduled landing site in China,” the Chinese government said. Xinhua News Agency The launch has been reported. “During in-orbit operation, the spacecraft will conduct verifications of reusable technologies and space science experiments to provide technical support for the peaceful use of space.”

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