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4 of Eight – Cooperative Quiz Game

4 of Eight – Cooperative Quiz Game

4 out of 8 is a salon game by Katrin Apfalter and Johannes Sulzer. it’s up Moses published. that Cooperative game 4 out of eight containing 300 questions can be divided into a large number of the exams class But how is it different from many other games with the same theme?

This is how 4 out of eight works

You take one of the 10 round quiz cards, read the question out loud and put your four out marks together on four wrong answers out of eight possible answers. Then place the answer form so that the number on the test card matches the number on the template.

4 out of eight - Quiz Disc - Portrait of Muse

Then the four correct answers appear in the holes in the form. However, it would be more logical to assign a slide to the four correct answers. Then the solution is immediately given the four correct answers. However, the rules do not provide for this alternative.

4 out of eight: points for correct answers

One point is given for each correct answer. The score is marked with a cardboard bird on the edge of the game box. After ten rounds, you can see in the table how well you did and how much room you have for improvement. A single variant is also suggested.

4 out of eight - score bar - Photo by Moses Verlag

A crisp test based on familiar questions

At first glance, 4 out of eight are very reminiscent SMART 10 by Piatnik, where 10 possible answers are presented on round test cards. However, the number of correct answers varies here. The answer sign is removed from the answer and you can immediately see if the decision was correct.

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vulnerabilities in detail

The game instructions already indicate that you have to be careful not to move the four markers when checking the solution. Unfortunately, this happens over and over again, so you have to put the tags up again.

something for everyone

4 of Eight Boxes - Photo by Moses Verlag

Other than that, this is a quick quiz game that doesn’t have complicated rules and covers a variety of topics (from Zeus to Harry Potter). There is something for everyone. And 300 test questions is already a lot, although that many questions could fit in the box…

A “hilarious” inaccuracy, of all things

In my opinion, an error crept into the question card: “Which terms refer to several different things?” There are five correct answers here, because the term “stone” can most likely be used both as a game piece and as a mineral. However, the game does not provide this correct answer.

About 4 of eight

  • Address: 4 of eight
  • Publisher: Moses
  • Author: Katrin Apfalter, Johannes Sulzer
  • Number of players (from to): 1-4
  • Age (from or to in years): 14
  • Duration in minutes: 15
  • Atiq: 2022