Asus Zenfone 4V is FCC approved and may be on the market soon

Asus will hold an event on September 21 where we will have the presentation of the new line Zenfone 4, although one of the models has already been made...

Asus will hold an event on September 21 where we will have the presentation of the new line Zenfone 4, although one of the models has already been made official. As we’ve seen, at least three other variants focused on specific audience tracks are expected, with the Zenfone 4 Selfie counting on a great front camera, Zenfone 4 being the “standard” and Zenfone 4 Pro being the most powerful of them.

A fifth model, however, should also be made official by the Taiwanese company soon. The so-called Zenfone 4V will be sold exclusively to US operator Verizon, seeking to increase the market share of the brand in the country. So that it can reach stores as fast as possible, Asus wasted no time and already approved it in the FCC.

The device identified only as A006 did not have any details released, since the document has sensitive information, but it is possible that it is made official before the others due to its exclusivity for the United States market. As a result, we are not far from finding out what features the Taiwanese company included in its representative for one of the most important markets in the world, other than just waiting for something official.

As of the launch of Zenfone 4 Max, we already have a better idea of ​​how Asus will organize its smartphone portfolio for this generation. The first feature that should be taken into account is that they will all have a dual camera module in the back, and other features are now tried for this, since the invitation sent by the company talks about something broader, and Zenfone himself Max has wide-angle lenses.

We do not know yet if this means a break in the Zenfone Zoom line, but at least for this year 2017 it is very unlikely that we will see a successor to the still-current Zenfone 3 Zoom, leaving it to CES 2018 in January of next year. With this, we will have a greater focus on other functions for the dual module, such as the use of wide-angle lenses, monochrome photos and other variations already tested by several companies.

On the technical specifications, it has been commented that the Zenfone 4 Selfie will have the chipset Snapdragon 625 or 626, which in a way makes sense since the current Zenie Selfie has the Snapdragon 615. The Zenfone 4 “standard” would have the new Snapdragon 630 or even the Snapdragon 660, leaving Zenfone 4 Pro responsible for boasting the powerful Snapdragon 835.

As for pricing, Asus will adopt a three-part segmentation for its 2017 releases, the most basic of which are in the “Empowering Luxury” category, Zenfone 4 in conjunction with its most complete predecessors in “Premier Luxury” as an unprecedented ” Zenfone 4s “would reach the highest price tier, identified as” Ultimate Luxury “.

Zenfone 4s by the way is the most unknown model, having appeared in leaks very recently and not counting even with comments on its characteristics. Due to this, there is no way to know if this will be just the commercial name of Zenfone 4 Pro or if we are facing a completely different device, only waiting for something official is released on the subject.

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