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110% Thinking Outside the Box – Thinking Game Review, Quiz, Criticism

110% Thinking Outside the Box – Thinking Game Review, Quiz, Criticism

Puzzles, brain teasers as well as crime games of all kinds in which specific solutions must be found have become popular. Or should we say they were modern? However, when the Cosmos Exodus series was voted Best Expert Game of 2017, it created a real buzz and subsequent boom. Suddenly, games like this started popping up everywhere like mushrooms and tried to get a piece of the overall success. In fact, many were enthusiastic and accepted the challenge. Then there was the indescribable closing, which caused even more interest and corresponding sales for these shows.

Even if the hype seems to have died down somewhat now, there are of course still fans of puzzles and puzzle games of all kinds, all of which inevitably need new tasks and challenges all the time, because – unlike traditional games – they cannot be tackled again once the solution is right. known at some point. Does this also apply to moses.Verlag's 110% outside-the-box thinking?

Think outside the box 110%: simple process and interesting questions

It's good that the little box, where we have to think outside the box 110%, can help. It contains exactly 100 tasks on square cards that need to be solved. Puzzles appear on one side of the cards and their solutions on the other – life can be that simple sometimes!

Think outside the box 110% - example question with solution - image by moses.Verlag

The tasks themselves are also diverse and interesting. There is a maze at the beginning, followed by a sort of mathematical search for terms, and then the same in text form. Later, specific characters are sought out or minor crime scenarios are solved. There are also all kinds of matches, drawing puzzles, and other cards that make us marvel at the capabilities of our brains.

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Thinking outside the box 110% requires creativity

According to the box text, all this is intended to encourage us to leave purely linear thinking and adopt new perspectives. At the same time, it promises to avoid common thinking mistakes and develop a holistic view so we can solve problems more creatively and effectively.

Is this still a game?

The father and developer of the whole thing is Georg Schumacher, who as a game designer, lecturer and innovation coach certainly knows what he can and should do to help us achieve the goals we have set. On the other hand, from the point of view of the game critic, the question inevitably arises as to what all this has to do with the games and whether the box containing the cards will really achieve the desired results. But this may be too important and the fund does not do it full justice.

Think outside the box 110% – good, but without help

Personally, I find puzzles and quests from 110% outside-the-box thinkers to be very exciting, inspiring and sometimes very challenging and good. However, what's less good is that there's no help with solving the puzzle – if you get stuck, you're simply left to your own devices and can only look at the correct solution on the back of the card.

At least when playing solo, there is no second chance if a solution attempt is incorrect, as the entire solution is known afterward. It would be helpful to have someone who can evaluate the proposed solution and give me relevant feedback. However, for the entire duration of my meditations, it will be boring, just as it was before Masterminda great puzzle game from earlier times that I haven't played in a long time for exactly the same reason.

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Puzzle and tinker to find creative solutions

Think outside the box 110% - The Box - Pictures moses.Verlag

Perhaps 110% outside-the-box thinking is best suited for groups that like to solve puzzles and tinker together. In turn, someone else can always take on the role of oracle, making the whole thing a truly immersive experience. The only thing that remains unclear is whether we can unleash our creativity in finding solutions and overcoming errors in thinking together.

But in the end, this is not our responsibility to govern. After all, the expert has promised this success and he should know it. In the end, he is the expert and we are not. And that's a good thing too.

Think outside the box 110%

  • Title: Think outside the box 110%
  • Publisher: Musa.
  • Author: Georg Schumacher
  • Number of players (from to): 1-
  • Age (from or to in years): 14
  • Vintage: 2022