January 25, 2022


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▷ Hitlers Überflieger - ein Geschichtsroman mit dem Weg eines Unternehmensberaters

▷ Journeyman – The Charming Coming Of Age Novel

17.12.2021 – 14:20

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At some point, everyone should know where they came from.

Today I am proud to present you the book “Journeyman” by Christian Dallary.

In the so-called small village, a young carpenter scientist Steve collapses a few hours before his wedding shortly before his wedding and finds himself in psychiatry. After another dramatic event, Steve decided – following an old tradition – to move on. Soon he feels how he is drawn more and more to the place where his mother died many years ago. In order to finally be able to live, he searches for his past and finds more than he ever imagined.

Nosy? I will be glad if you learn more about this book and want to read it and then decide whether to publish a review of the book. any questions? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a copy to read? You can inquire about this from me directly at [email protected]

About the book:

A Skilled Man by Christian Dallary, 140 pages, €9.99, ISBN: 9798780553007

About the author:

Christian Dolari was born in Dingolfing, Lower Bavaria, in 1969. Writing was with him throughout his life, although he did something completely different in the early part of his career. In his mid-30s, the author learned his tools in the form of a three-year distance learning course at the famous writing school, which he completed in 2006 with a short story Beluga or the sum of all colors with first prize. During his studies he won the Landshut literature competition with the short story Josefetteg in 2005 and began work on his first children’s novel, Julius and the Inquisitor Ninsnens. He has been working as a freelance writer and copywriter since 2007.

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“I have always been fascinated by how important and strong a bond is with the people who make life possible for us. We carry the connection with our parents with us throughout our lives and as we get older, that connection becomes even stronger. Some people skip themselves through them, but many carry their burden. There is one thing. It just seems certain: No one can escape this racial force. It’s burned into our souls. That’s what I wanted to say with the Steve Hofstadter story.”

Would you like to know more about the book? on the site https://christian-daeullary.de/ You can find more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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