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▷ Hitlers Überflieger - ein Geschichtsroman mit dem Weg eines Unternehmensberaters

▷ Dark – an author from your city publishes his e-book

06.06.2021 – 11:10

Click for books and authors – Hauke ​​Wagner

Today I can present you the e-book “Blickdicht” by Eugen Bach, who lives in your city.

A boy discovers his extraordinary ability to take any girl for himself with his gaze and a magic word and make her fall in love with him. At first he was surprised to experience this ability on different girls and later on women. He chooses women at school, on the street or in the shops, targets them, and plays his game.

At some point, he profitably uses his talent in a steep career and finds an attractive and wealthy woman at a more mature age who told this novel from a retrospective. An elderly man talks about events in a nursing home on his smartphone. The great tells the love stories of his youth with one laugh and one weeping eye, conjuring a smile on the lips of his audience more than once through surprising metaphors and comparisons.

Curious? I would be glad if you would like to know more about this e-book and read it until you then decide whether to publish a review on the e-book. any questions? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a copy to read? You can ask me directly at [email protected].

To the e-book: Opaque by Eugen Bach, ASIN: B095YS6W4L, €2.49

I am glad to hear from you.


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