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29.04.2021 – 11:25

Click Books & Authors – Hauke ​​Wagner

Today I can present to you the book “Responsible Calm. Freedom in Times of Crisis” by Thomas Holtbrind, from your region.

The measures to limit the Corona pandemic put societies before the questions: In what areas of freedom do we live, what are the restrictions or obligations that we follow, and what is our confidence in those in power and in our fellow human beings? Are we prepared to accept unreasonable demands in the interest of the common good and specifically for the vulnerable?

Building on this, Thomas Holtbearnd explains in his analysis: If we are to survive conflicts, epidemics, and future disasters with the least possible amount of damage, it will be necessary to practice crises and develop an understanding of freedom that we can deal with. Contradictions, unorganized requirements and great uncertainty for you to turn around.

How churches can make their contribution to this is also a question of the tasks involved in the transition from a values-oriented, morally oriented society to a society of conflict-solving.

Curious? I would be happy if I learned more about this book and wanted to read it and then decided whether to publish a review on the book. Do you have any questions about the book? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a reading copy? You can inquire from me directly at [email protected].

For the book: Responsible coolness. Freedom in Times of Crisis, by Thomas Holbrind, 152 pages, 12 x 20 cm. Softcover, € 12.90 (d) / € 13.30 (a), ISBN 978-3-429-05604-9

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E-book: ISBN 978-3-429-05156-3 / 1099 euros (D) (PDF), ISBN 978-3-429-06532-4 / 1099 euros (D) (ePub)

About the author: Thomas Holtberend, born in 1959. Graduated theologian and psychiatrist. He worked in the hospital’s religious center, is a management consultant and runs a psychiatric clinic.

I am glad to hear from you.


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