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[جيورجيو أرماني]New digital service tailored to the job – Sankey News

[جيورجيو أرماني]New digital service tailored to the job – Sankey News

Giorgio Armani Japan Co., Ltd

New digital experience, launch of online onboarding tool

Giorgio Armani's exclusive service allows you to experience a virtual design process that embodies both Armani's style codes and the excellence of Italian fashion. Create a special, one-of-a-kind piece with a digital experience that allows you to customize everything from fabric choice and style to details like lining and buttons.

You can customize the jacket, a piece that symbolizes the history of Giorgio Armani, according to your preferences and body shape. Single-breasted and double-breasted models with classic lapels and distinctive lapels. What they all have in common is the brand's signature aesthetic: a light and relaxed style. The blazer is the result of constant research and pursuit of perfection, and is essential for an elegant and timeless look.

In the configurator, you can see an image of the finished jacket you choose. Choose the fabric and style, then the buttons and lining. If you hover your mouse over the 3D image, you can see images of the finished jacket from different 360 degree angles. If you can visually check the completed image, the order will look more familiar.


Giorgio Armani's made-to-measure service is the pinnacle of designing clothes that impress the wearer. This is an exclusive service that allows you to experience the unique global vision of jackets and suits. Feel free to explore this world through our website.

The “Made to Order” service is available in Giorgio Armani boutiques worldwide.

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[ما هو منتج جورجيو أرماني المصمم حسب الطلب؟]
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Giorgio Armani's bespoke services include “Made to Measure (MTM)”, the highest level of customization that allows you to take measurements and correct your curls with ultimate comfort, and “Made to Order” which allows for faster completion without taking measurements. (MTO)” are available. MTO also accepts orders for women's clothing. All items are manufactured in Milan and take approximately 50 days for MTM and approximately 30 days for MTO. Items that can be ordered include MTM/MTO suits, jackets, tuxedos, coats and shirts, as well as jeans At MTO, you can order a wide range of items such as belts, leather jackets and blouses.

contact information:

Giorgio Armani Japan

Tel: 03-6274-7070