September 27, 2023


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[بوكيمون جو]the problem! Who is this pokemon!? In fact, the picture is not complete. If you understand this, the super sensation | AppBank

Pokemon GO]Revival of the 110th Artist Illustration Contest!

Seems like a part of it?

This demonstration project was launched as a special project at the beginning of 2020. After revival at the request of readers, this timeChapter 110

This author project AppBank.netedamameIllustration of a Pokemon drawn by the artist I am the authorfiis to see the pokemon and guess it.

I recently changed my mind and turned it into a silhouette test rather than a demonstration test.

By the way, here is the content from last time.

Last time it was a hard test, did you all understand?

And this week…?

A question!

If you can’t see everything…!

By the way, the painter made this comment.

Just to clarify, as you can imagine, only a part is drawn, not the whole picture.

The answer to this question may vary depending on how much you can see.

For this “I can’t teach you thatPerhaps, what percentage of the total is a big hint?

But what is this? At first glance, it looks like something similar to flying squirrels.

It appears to be spreading.
Well, even if you don’t push it, it’s not far off.


The emergence of the spread of both hands … is not it?

By the way, when I asked for a hint, I got this answer.

Is it a hint that if you give a hint, you will understand it very quickly?

What is the tip?

I don’t know much, but what percentage is drawn? This part seems to be the key to the answer.

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Maybe a Pokemon in time?

Well, what answer did the author draw from this study? (Readers, please think about it together.)

In fact, she pretends to raise her hand, but it is a thorn on her head!

The answer I got from here is…

haritama pokemon,reflexive“is not it!

Well, the correct answer is…?

Pua pua pua pua wa wa wa ~n (lost SE

Completely different! (a smile

It was a capegon hat. The topic was on time.

The illustration this time seems to have been well drawn as an artist, and there are words like that.

I thought it would be obvious if I drew the whole body, so I adjusted the difficulty level only on the face.
Personally, I think it’s an illustration that holds the prototype in the top 3 in the artist’s history.
I was impatient because I progressed very well (laughs)

Well, it’s really hard to create a silhouette with just a face.

And one word from the artist at the end of the test.

Dear readers!
You are experiencing a precious moment now!
I can’t believe I didn’t draw too long!!!

This is correct.

So for this week’s quiz, the correct answer is “Snorlax wearing a hat“I was.

By the way, here’s the “Hat Snorlax” in the game.

On a different note, we are currently still collecting illustrations. If you have a Pokemon that you would like to elaborate on, everyone, please feel free to submit a topic within common sense!

That’s it for this week’s silhouette contest!

Stay tuned next time!

The latest article from the Illustrated Illustration Contest

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