September 16, 2021


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Zukunft Celle applies to form an advisory board for science, technology and innovation – Celler Press

Seely. For the purpose of an environmental, economic and socially sustainable future, in accordance with the ideas of the future of Celle, the council must decide on a science, technology and innovation advisory board that advises the city of Celle by pooling the technical knowledge of its personnel.

Thus, the Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Board, both legitimate and independent, serves as the body of a scientific advisor who has to assess the situation in certain areas of science and technology in order to understand the upcoming challenges and be able to formulate specific interventions.

Therefore the Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council shall consist of at least 9 experts (from all fields of science if applicable) who shall be appointed by the City Council of Celle for the term of the legislative term by a two-thirds majority at the beginning of a legislative term. Its exact composition, powers, functions and organizational structure may be determined by specialized committees along with management and submitted to the Celle City Council for confirmation.

Future-oriented roadmaps should be created as a future plan for the future development of technologies and products; The implementation of important interventions in the above-mentioned areas of activity will be facilitated and ensured through coordination.

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