Today, not only zombie heads roll, but also the balls in the crazy tower defense pinball title Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes By publisher Daedalic Entertainment and development studio Zing Games on PC and Switch. Four worlds are waiting to be freed from the plague of zombies and thanks to roguelike elements, no two games are alike. It should make pinball cranes glow fast.

The trailer shows the fast-paced pinball action:

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In Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes, players bravely face hordes of eccentric cartoon zombies and their bosses. In this exciting hybrid of ball and defense, players will join ten different heroes, each with their own mystical abilities, to face eleven epic bosses. In order for the players to prove themselves against them, there is only one thing left for the players: pure skill, because pinball accuracy and clever skill management should definitely be part of your repertoire if you don’t want to be a dessert for the Undead.

There are hundreds of useful items and skills to discover and unlock. To find them, players must explore four different worlds waiting to be explored across the outside world map. Since the maps are randomly generated, no two games are the same. If the worlds are liberated from the rampant zombie epidemic, players must adapt again and again.