August 15, 2022


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YouTuber installs a gaming computer in the toilet

Well, what are your hobby projects? How about building a working computer in an equally functioning toilet?

Nowadays, nothing is lacking, including a toilet gaming computer, in case it takes longer to go to the toilet or if you don’t want to take a break from the raid.

A highly customized PC

Everything is made by Homeless, who reconfigured his toilet cistern to house the motherboard and all other components and to provide good airflow.

In addition, there is its own “water wall” to separate the computer technology from the toilet water.

Anyway, after a lot of glue and spills, it all worked as intended, and Basically Homeless was able to play Counter-Strike from his toilet.

As a result, he also now “knows more about plumbing than I thought I would.” Still a positive side effect.

Capture the entire creation process in the following video. Maybe this will give you ideas as well.

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