October 1, 2022


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YouTube gets a zoom job | OnlineMarketing.de

The video platform YouTube recently added a zoom function. However, this is not yet available for all users.

For a long time, YouTube users have been clamoring for a zoom function, for example to be able to better read lowercase letters in videos. YouTube has now at least partially fulfilled this wish. With YouTube’s new zoom tool, users can zoom in on videos – however, this offer is only valid for premium users and for a limited time only, writes edge.

Testing phase until the first of September

After YouTube announced a collaboration with Shopify last month, a new zoom feature for power users was recently launched. The experimental feature allows users to zoom in on any video. The “pinch to zoom” function is available in portrait and landscape mode.

According to the company, the zoom functionality will be tested until September 1. After that, YouTube collects user feedback for about a month and revises the functionality before making it available to more users.

This is how you get to the job

To start the zoom function, go to the settings menu on mobile or desktop. YouTube Premium subscribers will then have the option to “try new features”. There you can then zoom the video up to eight times with two fingers. In addition, after zooming in, you can navigate within the image while the video continues to play.

Even without a paid account, there are already ways to view expanded YouTube content – this is possible through the various accessibility functions on Android and iOS, and is easy to set up in a desktop browser. However, the feature in the mobile app seems more convenient.

It will be expected in a few months if the zoom function will be fully established soon. By the way, in this article, you will learn how to convert YouTube videos into short videos.

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