November 27, 2021


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Smartphones Xiaomi também terão barra de apps rápidas lateral

Xiaomi smartphones also have a quick side apps bar

Samsung has introduced the concept of side-by-side drag and drop apps with its Edge smartphones. The concept initially developed does not now have “Edge” screens, but is optional and accepted by other manufacturers such as Hawaii.

Xiaomi will be the next to bring this functionality to their smartphones and their MIUI.

Xiaomi is bringing Samsung functionality to your smartphones

The Apps and Quick Features menu on the page is a very useful option to work with one hand on your smartphone. Various options or applications are easily retrieved, and most used, without having to access the general application list or leave your current application.

Samsung introduced this concept in its Edge smartphones, but today it is used naturally by many smartphone users of different brands. Xiaomi will get this option next.

Xiaomi smartphones also have a quick side apps bar

In the weekly MIUI update to Chinese ROM (version V5.6.9-211028.0.1) there is already a floating sidebar to access applications or quick tasks.

Thanks for the new weekly update of MIUI China ROM 21.11.2, version V5.6.9-211028.0.1. An update that adds to the compatible phones installing a kind of floating box of apps and shortcuts to access the most common functions.

As described, this option is called Smart Toolbox and can always be found on the screen and under the lock screen in the smartphone settings. Like Samsung smartphones, this option can be placed on the side of a small bar where it is visible and very comfortable.

On Huawei smartphones, for example, to access these applications, you need to drag the screen from either side and wait for the small four square icon to appear. After that, the menu will appear.

We will have to wait until this option is available worldwide.

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