September 30, 2023


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Xiaomi Mi Band 6: this is how you view and reply to messages

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: this is how you view and reply to messages

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With the Mi Band 6 from Xiaomi, you can do more than just measure your heart rate. In this article, we will show you how to view and reply to messages on Mi Band 6.

With the right configuration, you can answer incoming calls on Mi Band 6 with an SMS. (Source: Xiaomi)

  • First of all: You can only see incoming messages on Mi Band 6. Even sending messages is not possible with the device.
  • Incoming messages are shown to you as a notification if you have made the appropriate setting in the Zepp Life app.
  • You can’t reply to text messages directly on Mi Band 6, but you can answer incoming calls with SMS using the ready quick replies.

Estimate: How many notifications do you receive on your smartphone per day? In 2021, that would be 46 people a day for the average American. So pull out the smartphone 46 times a day, read the message and answer it. It looks annoying, doesn’t it? This can be processed by Smartwatch or file fitness tracker Like Mi Band 6 from xiaomi. In this you can view incoming notifications and even respond to them in some cases.

Receive incoming messages as push notifications on the fitness tracker

When it comes to only displaying notifications, the process is very simple. You have to select the app from which the incoming notification is received in Mi Band 6 settings in Zepp Life App Select and set notifications from this app to be sent to your fitness tracker.

We have the exact procedure for you Step by step with pictures in the linked article using WhatsApp as an example shown. Once you do that, you will automatically receive all notifications from this app on your Mi Band 6 and can read them.

Answer incoming calls with quick messages

Although direct reply to incoming text messages is not possible with Mi Band 6 due to software limitations, you can answer incoming calls via SMS with the quick replies of your choice. Below we’ll show you how this works:

Make sure Mi Band 6 is connected to your smartphone. The Zepp Life app opens.


Click on Profile in the bottom bar.


Select Mi Band 6 from the list.


Now tap on the Notifications and Reminders option.


Now select the “Incoming call” option to access the correct settings.


Click Manage SMS Replies.


Quick messages are displayed in this list. You can add more templates here (maximum ten possible templates).


If you are called now, you will get an option on the Mi Band to decline the call and send one of the ready messages via SMS.

By the way, you can also get a trick Google Maps on Mi Band 6.

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Use WhatsApp on Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Here's how

Use WhatsApp on Xiaomi Mi Band 6 This is how it’s done

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