October 1, 2022


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Xbox Cloud Gaming: Microsoft renews its xCloud brand app

Microsoft has been working on its game streaming service for years, initially codenamed Project xCloud. The service was then revealed under the name Xbox Cloud Gaming. Redmond Corporation has now renewed the trademark application for the old term.

as such Lumia update Microsoft recently renewed its rights to the “xCloud” trademark. It is clear from the description that the term continues to be used in relation to entertainment services, which include video games available on the Internet. However, Redmond currently offers a game streaming service under the name Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, the service is not advertised using the Project xCloud codename, which was used during development.

The extension is for protection only

Since the xCloud label is more unique than the official name, that will be high Windows Central It is envisaged that Microsoft will offer game streaming service in the future under the old code name. By renewing the trademark application, The Redmond Corporation confirms that it intends to continue using the term. However, it is possible that the brand was just revamped so that competitors did not have the opportunity to incorporate the designation into their products.

Although the official name is Xbox Cloud Gaming, the service is still often referred to as xCloud, especially by the community. That was the interview subreddit It was called by this code name. The term also appears in many search queries. It was only the integration of Fortnite in May 2022 that led to users using Google to search for the official term “Xbox Cloud Gaming” more than “xCloud”.

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