September 26, 2022


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Xbox Cloud Gaming: Keyboard and Mouse Support About to Begin

Games have long been possible to play via Microsoft’s service, initially known as xCloud and now Xbox Cloud Gaming, on TVs, mobile devices, and computers. PC gamers in particular want keyboard and mouse support here – and that’s likely to come soon.

Cloud gaming basically allows games to be played on devices that don’t have the necessary computing power on their own. Televisions and smartphones or tablets are obvious, but many PC gamers also have a computer at home that’s not quite up to date anymore. The problem with this: So far, the whole thing only works if you’re using a console or a touch screen.

Keyboard and mouse, on the other hand, are not supported and this means that many games designed for PC (if they are served via the cloud at all) cannot be used. An example here is strategy games and certainly shooters.

Mouse and keyboard support appears

However, Redmond already confirmed in the spring that it is working to support classic PC peripherals and how Windows Central Reports, things are slowly starting to happen. Because Insiders who participate in Microsoft’s main operating system beta program can currently download an update to the Xbox app on Windows 10 and Windows 11, where you can discover changes that indicate an imminent launch. For example, mouse and keyboard support icons are integrated, and a filter is now also available in the search function with which you can find suitable games that support this type of peripheral. Obviously everything still has some bugs and therefore it is not possible to say when this will be released in general, but one can certainly speculate that it will come sooner rather than later.

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