September 26, 2023


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WWE NXT Results - Bron Breakker Confronts Cameron Grimes, Women's Tag Team Championship Contender Match

WWE NXT Results – Bron Breakker Confronts Cameron Grimes, Women’s Tag Team Championship Contender Match

you welcome in WrestlingINC.comWWE NXT 2.0 Show Party! Our live coverage starts at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PT.

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Here’s what’s in store for tonight:

  • Braun Breaker vs Cameron Grimes
  • Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship, Number One Contenders Match
  • Andy Hartwell vs. Keanna James
  • Zion Queen vs Sangha
  • Giovanni Vinci vs. Ekman Giro

live coverage

The show begins and the commentary team of Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcomes us to tonight’s show. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance hit the music and run through the crowd and it’s time for our opening competition of the evening.

Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship, Number One Contenders Match

Jade and Carter start this one off. Jade props Carter up to the corner, and Carter reverses the momentum and breaks. We showed NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose along with NXT Women’s Tag Team champions Gigi Doolin and Jacy Jane of the Toxic Attraction, on display at the Toxic Lounge, keeping a close eye on this. Carter trips Jade to the mat, jumps to the top of the turnbuckle, walks on ropes and bolts Jade with an arm pull before making the mark to Chance, who pulls her arm herself and goes for cover but Jade gets off. Jade slams Chance and goes for a quick cover but the chance kicks in. Jade with a snapmare then sliding kick to the chest and making the mark to Perez, who bumps the opportunity with a pair of forearms and then scoops and slams Chance before returning the mark to Jade.

Jade by chance travels to the carpet with a leg sweep and goes for cover but Chance lifts shoulders while Jade hangs on Perez. Luck escapes Perez and passes the tag on to Carter, who breaks Perez with a punch and then breaks a swinging neck before going for cover but Perez takes off. Carter hits Perez on the mat, tagging Chance, who comes raining over the top rope and nails Perez with a guard in the casing, but Perez kicks off after two counts. Perez knocks Chance again and makes the tag for Jade, everyone in the ring, Perez shoots Carter, she and Jade hit a double hit on Chance, Jade goes for cover but Chance gets off. All four contenders come head-to-head in the ring, Jade and Chance go outside, Perez looks to dive on everyone, but Carter sneaks back into the ring, puts her out of the ring and flings her outside the ring as we head into a commercial break.

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After the break, Carter and Perez wrestle in the ring. Carter applies the Boston Crab on two legs before quickly moving to a single copy. Carter pulls Perez into a corner and makes the mark to Chance, who also applies a two-legged crab. Perez throws Chance back into an attempt to install, and Chance jumps in and resubmits, but Perez kicks off Chance and passes the tag to Jade, who clears the house. Jade Carter, who has just been flagged, cracks with escalation enziguri and goes for cover but Carter gets off. Carter drills Jade with a super kick and there she and Jade hit each other with simultaneous super kicks hitting each other. Jade makes the tag for Perez, Carter looks to make the tag an opportunity but the opportunity is off. Carter Wallops Perez with a super kick, the shell returns to the apron, and Carter makes the mark. Chance and Carter are looking for their double team but Jade knocks Carter off the apron and Perez goes to the middle rope and plants a chance with Bob Rocks in a 1-2-3 match!

Winners – Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez

After the match, it was announced that Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez will challenge Gigi Doolin and Jacy Jane for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships at The Great American Bash, next week.

Then we see Roderick Strong, Ivy Nile, Damon Kemp, the NXT Tag Team Champions and Creed Brothers of Diamond Mine backstage. Strong apologizes to the Creeds and everyone hugs him.

Back in the ring area, Giovanni Vinci is making his way to the ring and will face Ekman Giroud after the break.

After the break, Nikita Lyons approaches the Toxic Attraction, who was with McKenzie Mitchell. Rose challenges Leon to a match, later tonight. Leon accepts and begins toxic attraction.

Giovanni Vinci vs. Ekman Giro

Vince tosses Jiro to the right corner as the bell rings. Vinci puts an arm on his arm, and Jiro slips out but Vinci travels him to the carpet and tramples on Giro’s back. He wears the Giro and goes to the clothesline but Vinci ducks the Giro with the German suplex. Vinci sends Giro to the corner and lights him up with a pair of chest pieces. Vinci climbs to the top and plants Jiro with a DDT hurricane, then washes and plants it with massive force in order to get three numbers!

winner – Giovanni Vinci

Then we see footage of Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs winning the NXT UK Tag Team earlier this week and we’ll hear from the champs and Valon Henley, after the break.

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After the break and ring announcer Alicia Taylor welcomes new NXT UK tag team champions Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, along with Valon Henley to the ring. Pretty Deadly quickly interrupts them and invites them for a title match so they can bring “prestige” back to the titles.

Andy Hartwell vs. Keanna James

lock to start. Andy applies a waist belt and James bolts a triple arm pull and puts on an arm. James trips Indy to the mat and puts scissors to the head but Andy twists it to force James to break the fist. Indy bumps into James with some elbows and then a big boot on his face before going for cover but James gets off. Andy climbs up and collapses looking for a dip in the diving elbow but James slips and rolls Andy up in 1-2-3!

winner – Kiana James

Then we see Tony D’Angelo and Stax on a bridge. D’Angelo points out that Two Dimes have passed away and throws Dimes’ leather jacket into the ocean and says Dimes is now ‘sleeping with the fish’ as ​​we head to a commercial break.

Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong, Julius & Brutus Creed) (with Damon Kemp and Ivy Nile) vs. Joe Gacy and The Dyad

Strong and Jessie start this at once. Strong pull arm then shoulder and apply arm lock. Gacy evades and tags one of the duets. Brutus is flagged at Dyad with a knockdown and then a suplex. Brutus makes the mark to Julus, who does a Dyad drill with asthenia and then a knee run to the middle of the section. A fight breaks out and we head to a commercial break, we come back from the break and Brutus and Gacy go in the middle of the ring.

Gacy makes the mark to one of Dyad’s and they hit a double flat line and Dyad follows him up with an elbow drop and neck break before going for cover but Brutus gets off. Another brawl erupts, Strong and one of Dyad’s ends with legal participants and The Dyad hits a DDT Flying on Strong for the 1-2-3!

Winners – Joe Gacy and The Dyad

Then we see NXT North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes alongside Trick Williams backstage, who are with McKenzie Mitchell. McKenzie announced that Hayes will defend his title against Grayson Waller at The Great American Bash, next week.

Then Lash Legend is shown talking about Alba Fyre. Lash says she took Fyre out “permanently” after her attack on her, last week.

Then the diamond mine is shown behind the scenes. Roderick Strong is furious and he and Damon Kemp challenge the Creed Brothers to the NXT Tag Team Championship match, next week.

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Zion Queen vs Sangha

Quinn headbutts Sangha to start. Quinn Wallops Sangha with a pump kick and then rear body landing. Sanga returns with a running shoulder and then an elbow and a clothesline that sends Quinn out. Sanja follows Quinn outside and flings him back to the ring where he breaks Quinn with a series of hits, then hits a sprint and goes to drop the elbow but Quinn slips and applies a sleeping suspension. Sangha escapes, hitting Quinn on the carpet and choking him for a count of three!

winner – sanja

Then we see a video package highlighting Cameron Grimes’ run to the NXT World Championship before he gets a title chance against Champion Bron Breaker, next week at The Great American Bash.

Mandy Rose (with Gigi Doolin and Jacy Jane) vs. Nikita Lyons

Lock starts this one. Lions shoot a rose in the corner and shower it with a sprinkler in the corner. Champion resists with a leg hit and a pump kick, but Lyons tosses it back into the right corner and Rose pins with a triple of spears and we head into a commercial break.

Return from break and Rose Kloppers Lyon with a touchdown kick from the top of the rope. Lyons trips Rose to the rug and trains Rose with a spinning back kick. Jane comes and travels in Lyon before she can go get the pin and Rose is disqualified.

winner – Nikita Lyons (via DQ)

After the match, the Toxic Attraction attacks Leon but Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez dash for the ring and held out. The three heroes retreat and we head to a commercial break.

Returning from the break, we see another vignette featuring the appearance of JD McDonagh (Jordan Devlin of FKA NXT UK).

In the ring, NXT Champion Wade Barrett introduces Bron Breakker followed by Bron’s competitor for next week’s The Great American Bash, Cameron Grimes. The competitor says he chased after Bronn because he was ready to push all his chips to the middle of the table and claim the company’s biggest prize. Grimes mocked Bron for being cut out of the NFL and said that Bron’s sacred hope for success is now professional wrestling. Bronn says that after The Great American Bash, Grimes will have to connect with Ted DiBiase again to stay connected. Grimes attacks Bron, Grimes stands tall after a fight and the NXT medical staff tends to the champ as the show kicks off.

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