November 27, 2021


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Write invoices in a friendly way - that's how it works

Write invoices in a friendly way – that’s how it works

Tip 1: Correct introduction

How the invoice text is presented depends, among other things, on the amount of customer contact. If you know the buyer personally, you should make the text less neutral.

In the case of long-term or intense communication, it is best to start the account with a thank you. This is more convenient than naming the total amount that must be paid directly. So it would be nice to thank you for the post and confirm that it was handled with pleasure. If the invoice is in English, it can also be sent to External translation agency Who cares about a proper translation?

Tip 2: Craft a payment request skillfully

In many cases, companies use present statements that are too impersonal and lengthy. Hardly any customer reads such texts; Instead, they take into account the bill amount right away. It’s best to keep the invoice text short and get straight to the heart of the matter.

Moreover, it makes sense to completely delete the old phrases from the text. Instead of using formulas like “below” or “according to”, simplified variants are available. These are not only easier to understand, but also fit in with modern language use.

Tip 3: Eliminate the difficult sentences and harsh phrasing

Cumbersome sentences, harsh and submissive phrasing or outdated word combinations have no place in the body of the bill. After all, you don’t need a permit to get your utility bills.

Phrases such as “Thank you for choosing us and our offer is a good fit. We have successfully processed your application and will charge you…”.

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Tip 4: Avoid incomprehensible words in invoice texts

Unwords in the invoice text are basically words that are no longer used in common language. They are used out of habit and look unnatural at first glance. These include common phrases such as “signal”, “you will receive…”, “according to instructions” and others. They officially confirm that the service will be invoiced. This way, this is not at all necessary and unnecessarily complicates the text. It is best to express concern in a friendly manner and in reference to a good working relationship.

Tip 5: Choose the correct final sentence after the invoice amount

As with the introduction, the last sentence largely depends on how intense the customer contact is. How long the invoice recipient has been a customer can also affect the ending chosen.

Regardless, he should express gratitude for the order and wish the customer to please his new product. Of course, it is also possible at this point to request a recommendation. If the customer is satisfied, he usually responds to this request. The same applies to the review request.

Important: in order for the business partner to find out about this request for review or recommendation at all, he must read the text of the invoice. The best way to achieve this is to have a friendly bill that stands out from the crowd. In this way, the feeling of reading such texts too many times can be avoided.

Tip 6: Greet more character

If you want to make your bill more personal, don’t dispense with salutations. Although invoices usually do not require a signature, at first glance it seems that something is missing. The effort to put the salutation at the end of the invoice text is limited and still makes the customer feel that they are in good hands. Here, too, the following applies: ideally, an archaic phrase is not used.

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