May 28, 2023


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World Of Warcraft - Dragonflight: New Addon Announced

World Of Warcraft – Dragonflight: New Addon Announced

Advertise with a cinematic trailer Blizzard Finally the upcoming “World Of Warcraft” “Dragonflight” addon. As the name suggests, it takes you to the home of fire-breathing monsters: the Dragon Islands. There are a total of four new regions to explore: The Awakening Coast, Ohn’ahra Plains, Azure Mountains, and Thaldraszus. In addition, a new caller category. This can only be played in combination with the new race “Dracthyr” and can specialize in long-distance combat or a support function with healing abilities.

In addition to minor changes such as the HUD, the job system and talents, as well as the max level increase to level 70, one of the innovations is likely to be the focus of upcoming content. Dragonflight not only allows you to tame dragons in the form of tripods, but also allows you to fly in the air on them.

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In the realm of Azeroth, the Dragon Islands are among the oldest in the world. So Blizzard has plenty of room to expand the stories of the “World Of Warcraft” world. There’s a good chance that some scaly monsters from previous expansions will even return in “Dragonflight.” Exactly when the new add-on will appear is not yet known.

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