August 19, 2022


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Working for Humanity: Lenovo Technology Brings a World of Opportunity to the Remote Island 1

Lenovo offers as part of Pioneering Partnership With the Island Conservation and Robinson Crusoe Island Community, it presents the next phase of the Action for Humanity project: making permanent important pieces of smart technology installed across the island, to leave a lasting legacy and improving connectivity on an island to improve it, which is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. the scientist.

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Working for human volunteers working remotely from a Lenovo tech workspace on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile (Photo: Business Wire)

Working for human volunteers working remotely from a Lenovo tech workspace on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile (Photo: Business Wire)

The previously isolated island of 900 people will remain connected to the world thanks to Lenovo technology to open new opportunities for tourism, commerce, employment and education, and improve the island’s environmental and economic resilience. This remote island community has equal access to the internet for the first time ever. This is the most significant advance in connectivity in more than 20 years.

Earlier this year, he sent Action for Humanity 16 volunteers With a variety of skills for Robinson Crusoe to make a lasting contribution while pursuing their own business. During their time on the island, volunteers presented their professional skills in design, technology, sustainability and biodiversity to support the important conservation efforts of the island conservation NGO. A study of their work now shows that their efforts have helped improve the future of the island’s inhabitants, flora and fauna through the power of technology and connectivity.

Connecting a remote island community

The goal of the Action for Humanity initiative was to provide high-speed connectivity to a remote community, improve education and health care, and protect the island’s precious ecosystem. Since then, nearly 30% of the island’s residents have benefited from the Lenovo Technology Center, which has had a greater impact than expected, providing new career opportunities, positive trade, and opportunities for tourism and IT learning for the Robinson Crusoe Island community.

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